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Updated on January 03, 2011
T.V. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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For those of you who did Chiropractic for your child/with ear infections. What type of treatment did they do?
My son went, and they lightly adjusted his back (with the clicker tool) however, did not touch his neck.

Is it better to go to an osteopath for ear problems? It seems they use pressure.

Any feedback appreciated. Also, can you have goats milk, if you are stopping dairy?

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answers from Houston on

I would go to a chiropractor, since they are more used to doing routine adjustments. DOs learn the same manipulative therapies, but use them less on a day to day basis.

My chiro would do facial/sinus massage, and adjusted jaw (just under ear) when necessary.

Also some people are sensitive to cow's milk protein, so goat's milk is an option for them. (If you are lactose intolerant that is a different story...)

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answers from Atlanta on

HI T.,

The chiropractor is simply getting the spine in line so that the body can work efficiently. (The spine controls the nervous system...)The body's immune system is what fights off the ear infections. The chiropractor simply removes the interference. I always use a chiropractor for the first line of oldest daughter had multiple ear infections and the pediatrician wanted to do tubes. I refused and a friend referred me to a chiropractor. The ear infections stopped. That was 17 years ago and the family as been in regular maintenance chiropractic ever since. We go to a, hands on, principled, upper cervical chiropractor. If you need to find one in your area go to

Goats milk has the same type proteins as breast milk.....if your son needs milk in his diet this is the best.

My two cents!


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answers from Pittsburgh on

My husband is a chiropractor and both of our children get adjusted. My son is almost five and my daughter is two and a half. She has never had an ear infection, and he has had one. I believe the adjustments do help with overall immune system function. It is a good idea to take your children to a chiropractor who is comfortable working with children. Some chiros believe that the cervicals (neck) are the only bones that need to be moved in order to restore spinal health. You may want to try a new doc if yours is afraid to adjust the neck. I would not go to an osteopath for chiropractic adjustments.

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answers from San Francisco on

If the ear infection is bad, I hope you'll still get antibiotics for it as well.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I was born in an Osteopathic hospital and never saw an MD until I was in College when I was hurt playing softball. I was shocked to say the least. the MD just wanted to over medicate me and sent me home to go to bed for a week. I went to my DO and he did ultra sound on my back, used heat packs, massaged it for about 20 minutes and put a shot of Soma into the muscle. I felt better and had no issues with it after that.

An Osteopathic Doctor goes to medical school several semesters more than a regular MD. The have those extra hours in the skeletal system and other areas. I think over all that DO's are the better choice for any reason.

Also, a DO is an actual medical physician, prescriptions, shots, everything a whole family needs for medical care. A Chiropractor can only adjust the joints.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Hi T.,
It is odd to me that they didn't adjust his neck if he is having ear infections. That is the part that effects the ears. We always use our chiro for this.

Is the goat's milk raw? I would think you could drink raw goat's milk. The issue people have with milk is typically that the pasteurization has killed anything good in the milk, like the enzymes you need to digest the milk. Dead milk has no nutritional value. Raw milk is so good for you, as long as you know that the source you get it from is a clean farm. We used to have dairy goats, and the milk was wonderful, raw, fresh, healthy, and full of life! Good stuff. If you are stopping dairy for other reasons, then I don't know. :)

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answers from Dallas on

They do a full adjustment on my son (19) months, every time we go in. Back, neck, ears, whatever he needs. We started off with the adjusting tool (clicker) with everything except the ears...that was manual. Then we've moved on to a regular adjustment. As someone with ear problems and as a former Chiropractic Assistant...I can tell you neck adjustments are VERY important. They definitely effect the ears and the rest of his body. I have never needed to see an Osteopath, so I can't answer that specific question.

Probiotics help me immensely with ear problems and my son has taken them from birth.
To answer your second question: Goats milk is good, but it is NOT lactose free. It has superior digestibility, but it does have lactose. I can't drink goat's milk. Be very careful with goats milk, if your child does have milk issues.

“Goat milk is slightly closer in composition to human milk than cow milk is, with proteins that may be easier to digest. It is estimated that 20 to 40% of milk allergic individuals do not react to goat milk. However, milk allergic individuals should obtain an allergy test prior to trialing, as most people who are allergic to cow milk have similar reactions to goat milk. Plus, a rare few are in fact more allergic to [the casein or whey in] goat milk.
The lactose levels in goat milk versus cow milk are very similar (4.1% and 4.7% respectively), so lactose intolerant individuals might experience little to no relief from making the switch.”

If your child can have tree nuts, Almond Milk is a wonderful alternative.

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answers from Seattle on

Osteopaths generally treat pain, not specifically trying to relieve nerve pressure and treat body malfunction from subluxation like chiropractors do. I'd only go to a chiropractor personally. Depending on the size and age of the child some use the activator or can manually adjust them too. Ask them next time! Some people don't like manual adjustments. They may have a good reason for using the activator instead, just ask! I've seen chiropractic help myself, my daughter, and at least ten other kids with ear problems. Good for you getting in there!

P.s. Chiropractors go to as much school as mds, they spend that same amount of time learning more about their own specialty and less about overall conditions they won't be treating. And they spend equal amounts of time practicing as they do learning.

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answers from Houston on

Please read Gamma G's response below - a DO has the same years of medical training as an MD (and even more!). Nothing against chiropractors, they just are not held to the same amount of schooling requirements/certifications as a DO/MD. Try to find a DO who is actively practicing osteopathy (as opposed to just family medicine, like an MD) before you see a chiropractor.

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