Chiropractic Care for Bed Wetting

Updated on October 22, 2012
R.M. asks from Albany, MN
6 answers

Looking into chiropractic care for bed wetting. Does this work or not. Please respond if you have tried this and what kind of results you had.

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answers from Green Bay on

My friend did chiropractic care for her daughter for this reason and it worked for her. I think she was around five when she went.

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answers from Dallas on

I have been told it works. I actually plan to talk to mine tonight about my son. So we shall see. I know before the one I was going to told me she wanted to wait till he was a little older before working with him on it. I am not sure why.

ADD: I talked to mine last night and he said some stuff they do depending on the symptoms could help but not always. He said the best thing to start with is to cut out drinking in the evening. He said after 7:30 but when I told him he doesn't eat dinner till usually 8:30 he said 6 ozs with dinner and that's it. And he gets regular adjustments anyways. But night 1 worked! Now for someone that doesn't get adjusted regularly could be different.

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answers from New York on

I have not used this but just want to share some thing I learned about bed wetting -

My DD, now 16, wet her bed all through 1st grade. We used pull-ups for big kids and wondered what could be wrong with our child. Then my sister reminded me that her son had the same problem and they ended up at an endocrinologist. What happens with our bodies at night is hormones are released that make the kidneys hold fluids through the night as the fluids are filtered. They don't release into the bladder until our bodies have been at rest for an extended period. Once in the bladder is full we wake up to use the bathroom.

The bodies of younger children haven't yet matured sufficiently for these hormones to be at a high enough level for the kidneys to hold urine all night. As kids mature the hormone levels increase - which is why at puberty these kids stop bed-wetting because *all* hormones levels increase. It's also why older folks begin to have to get up at night to empty their bladder - the hormone levels decrease.

For my DD, her homones kicked in some time towards the end of 1st grade. For my nephew it didn't happen and he went on medication (VERY expensive at that time - almost 20 years ago- but covered by insurance) and it was resolved!

Chiropractic may help - I've seen it work miracles for a child I knew with chronic ear infections - so it's worth a try. But keep in mind that if it's hormonal, all the quality parenting in the world won't keep your child dry overnight. You just have to wait till puberty or get the medication.

Good luck mama!

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answers from Seattle on

I've seen it work on four kids personally! One after first visit, one after two months, the others in between.



answers from Denver on

I had two friends who tried this for their children, one with no improvement and one with disastrous results. I think there is a reason pediatricians don't recommend this. For my DD, we used the bedwetting alarm and it worked in less than two weeks.


answers from Boston on

I agree with most of what NYMetromom said. My son had a problem and chiropractic did not work, but medication did. A lot depends on the cause, and a lot depends on the chiropractic method used. How old is the child?

By the way, the condition is called nocturnal enuresis. We got great advice from a pediatric urologist and tried a simple medication with no side effects. It was covered by insurance. I'm not a "grab the meds" person - I like to try non-medical approaches. But I can't say this was a problem for us in this case - it worked great. Happy to tell you more if you want.

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