Children with down Syndrome

Updated on September 27, 2007
M.G. asks from Murrells Inlet, SC
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I was curious if there are any mothers up here to children with Down Syndrome? I have a son, Frankie, who is 10 mos old and he has Down Syndrome. I searched and there weren't any topics on this so I thought I would start one.

ADDED---My son does not have any medical issues, outside of having DS, no heart problems and no thyroid....yet. I was just curious if anyone else had a child with DS We are in touch with baby net and are members of Grand Strand Down Syndrome Society. GSDSS.NET. He has a DS doctor in Charleston, a regular ped near home, a hearing doc, special education teacher and soon a physical therapist and speech therapist. I'm here just to talk about related issues and I have learned ALOT about the disorder since having Frankie. I think I could help other moms who have or have been told they will have a child with DS.

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answers from Columbia on

Do you live in Columbia? Family Connections has a support group for parents of downs children. The website to check is They may have groups meeting all over SC. Good luck in your search. We all need support!

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answers from Spartanburg on

Hi Mary, my name M. and i have a son with down syndrom. He is 1 year old .He is my angel.I really need help, sometimes everything ok, but then i started think about future i just going into deep depression, i also have 3,5 years old daughter and expecting another baby boy in december .Alex he have problem with thyroid ,so i give him medications every day. He is doing well, but kind of lazy .We just started wearing a halmet for his head. If you will have a time you can write me [email protected]
or call me ###-###-####.thanks .We are living in Greer

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answers from Spartanburg on

No, we do not have a DS child but know parents that do. I grew up in Cincinnati,OH & went to an elementary school(Roselawn Condon) with all kinds of kids. I commend you for taking the step & trying to make a differance. Let me know if you want to talk. Take care! S.



answers from Augusta on

My husbands boss...he works for Sconyers,has a son and he also has downs.I think he's about 10 or around that now.He seems pretty in control and a smart and sweet little boy,my son plays with him sometimes and I never hear a peep out of either of them.I don't know what he does (Other than I know he takes him to the best doctor knowing him) but w/e he does it helps.Im surprised your childs doctor hasent offered you information on doctors and treatment options.Maybe you should ask him at the next visit on what you can do to help your son.Be sure you call other offices and get other peoples experienced opinions.

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