Children with Bipolar

Updated on July 24, 2008
S.R. asks from Lake in the Hills, IL
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Is there anyone else out there who is the parent of a Bipolar child? I'm wondering how you have decided to treat it, how your family has coped, how well your child is doing - basically I'm interested in your story.

My daughter was recently diagnosed and I'm just looking for some support and resources!

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answers from Indianapolis on

My brother in law is bipolar and he controls it through natural supplements. Omega oils are very key. I would agree that you may want a specialist to look at your daughter. I work with a doctor that specializes in natural medicine and will order blood work and consults over the phone with patients all over the world. She will provide a free 10-15 minute consultation so you can meet her and see if you would like to continue. If you would like her information, please let me know. I would also caution you to make sure that the supplements that you use are natural and safe (especially fish oil because of the metals and mercury content). You also want a manufacturing process with a low temperature, purification process - that will assure a safe product. Please let me know if I can help you at all.



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my 19 yr old was just diagnosed with bipolar- which I am unsure of. I ? is it just teenage stuff she has. her father is supposedly bipolar. WHile I agree there is definately something I sometimes am unsure of this diagnosis- its so broad. Its like every problem you have and see a counselor- oh your bi-polar. My sister at 40 was daignosed with this 4 years ago. she definately has something. I wish they would have more inforamtion or more names for some things. I have a girlfriends son 7 years old just diagnosed with it. she is trying meds because the behavior is so bad. For me I always opt for discipline, diet and structure but thats what works for me. You know more about your daughter and what she is going through so just work in her best interest and you cant go wrong. dont worry what other people think. good luck!



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Hello Erin,
Hmm...I am assuming that the 5 year old is the one with the diagnosis, yes? My first advice would be to find another doctor and loose the one who made that diagnosis fast.
Your five year old had you to herself for four years. Get the book "The Joyful Child" by Peggy Jenkins and learn about your children. And I don't mean that in a harsh way. Also check out "EFT" at and check out your daughters symptoms there. Whatever you do, please do not allow them to medicate your child unless there is no other option. Sometimes food allergy's can mimick these same symptoms.
Also, check out the Metakids website and read what Susan Voight has to say about this. You can find her at
Keep an open mind and don't hesitate to challenge what the doctors tell you.



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There is a book called "Is this my child?" I think you can find it on Amazon. It talks about the food allergies that can mimic mood disorders I believe. (I haven't read it yet-but my husband has many food allergies and was reading that the blood/brain barrier is affected greatly by them and digestive issues and I can see it in him. It's almost as if he is bipolar at times)



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Just wanted to mention a book called Misdiagnosis that I read when we were going through issues with my daughter that really shed light on some things for me considering her behavior that you may want to read.

Here is a link:

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