Children's Tea Sets

Updated on July 25, 2007
L. asks from Dallas, TX
6 answers

I am throwing my daughter a tea party for her 2nd birthday next month, and I'm looking for a cute tea set for her - probably plastic or some other durable material for her to play with at the party. Has anyone seen anything like thay anywhere? I know I saw something at Target, but I'm looking for other ideas as well. Thanks!

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There is a cute tea set at Right Start in Plano. It is $24.99 plus tax. The website is It is age appropriate. I plan to buy the tea set as a Christmas present for my daughter who is 2.

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The Walmart Neighborhood and Super Walmart has them.
I've seen them with Teddy Bear designs and Flower designs.
Really Cute and less than $5 for the set.

Take Care



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Hi L.,
I just saw an adorable set at the Right Start store in Plano (near Parker and Preston by the Purple Cow Diner.) It's made of tin, which I thought was neat, and comes in a cute little cardboard suitcase. I will probably go back and get it as a present for Christmas for her. I thought it was perfect for a toddler since it was made of tin. The set was pink floral and I think around $25 or so. Have a fun party!



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I did this for my daughter's 3rd birthday in October. At that time, the Tupperware Stand at the Stonebriar Mall had a little Disney Princess set. It came with more of an iced tea pitcher than a tea pot. We put apple juice in it. I keep it up with the dishes so that we can have "real" tea parties from it. It is really sweet and dishwasher safe-- I highly recommend it- I just don't know if you can still get it or not.


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My idea is not plastic or durable but I got a set for my daughter at crate and barrel a few yrs ago. The set of 4 was in 4 different colors. Really cute. Susan



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I just bought the "Preschool Classics Musical Tea Set" for my 2 year old daughter. She really likes it. If you go to and search for "musical tea set" it will come up along with another one made by Little Tikes. They both received great reviews.

Good Luck!


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