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Updated on March 24, 2011
T.L. asks from Cuba, MO
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I love Children's Place clothing and love it even better when I can get a good deal. One of my middle sons is in need of some new shorts this summer. Does any one have any size 6 or 7's they would like to sell? I would also be happy to pay for shipping. I just noticed last night that the ones we normally buy went up to $15 a pair instead of $10 like they were last summer. Normally he gets the hand me downs from his older brother, but for some reason his older brother felt it necessary to ruin every pair of shorts he had last summer.

If you can help out I would greatly appreciate it.

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So What Happened?

I don't know if it is still the wrong season, but I didn't find any on e-bay when I looked last night. :( I will try craigslist though. Thanks for the idea!

1babygirl- Thanks so much. That did help alot. I do get the coupons, but not on a regular basis. Our cloest CP is like 90 min away so it is quite a trip for us to make esp with gas prices so high now.

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check on ebay or craigslist. you will find things there.

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I love CP too! I was just in there the other day looking for girl shorts (any kind) that they haven't gotten in yet. The sales lady told me that 'Summer 1' was coming in the following week, then 'Summer 2' comes in a month later. When the second part comes, so do the sales on the first. So, your $15 shorts should go down to $10. They have been mailing a seasonal 15% Off coupon (do you get that?) that you can apply to all of your purchases for a certain amount of time, even on top of sale stuff (score!). If you don't get the mailing, ask. The coupon helps a lot. Sorry I wasn't able to help directly with the boys shorts, but I hope some of the info was helpful :)

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answers from Topeka on

I have a coupon to use there they have with it is the summer mini catalog of what is in stores I still have yet to make it there but the prices look good followed with a coupon great,Walmart & Targets clothes aren't looking to great this summer for girls boys ok I love Wrangler cargo shorts jean or kahki they hold up nicely the stains come right out not 1 pair has ripped on my 7 yr old

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I don't but here is a suggestion....Look for a kid's resale event in your area. Wish you lived closer...There is a kid's resale in my area 2X a year and I mark my calendar to attend..I buy 75% of my kid's things there...Boy do I save a lot of money....

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Also, try Once Upon A Child-if there's one near you. I get the bulk of my 4 kids' clothes there. Then, I can buy extra pieces on sale at Children's Place, Old Navy, Kohls.
All the 6 & 7's I have/had are destroyed after 2 boys go through them!LOL!

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Have you tried the CP outlet online?? I have shopped there before and its great-$5 shipping and the items come really fast--the prices are like 60% cheaper than in store and you get equally comparable items. Check it out-


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