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Updated on January 06, 2008
T.W. asks from Orlando, FL
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I have in perfect condition beanie baby bears and rather than selling them on ebay or putting them on free cycle, my kids had a great idea of giving them to sick children to make them happy or to children in a children's home that have no family.

My question is does anyone know of the best place to take them?
Like I said these are in excellent condition as I used to collect them, so it's not like I'd be taking them used stuffed animals. No kids have ever played with these.
I appreciate your help in finding them a lovable home.

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answers from Orlando on

Hi! I think your children's idea is a wonderful idea! Having worked in a children's home for 11 years (and with foster kids) my personal suggestion is to take them to a children's hospital. Believe it or not, kids in children's homes get a lot of stuff and sadly enough they don't appreciate it all the time. A sick kid's day may be brighten up with the unexpected surprise of a stuffed animal and it may even become his/her companion throughout rough times. Have you checked into Arnold Palmer or Winnie Palmer? Maybe the Ronald McDonald house? Anyways, I hope this helps. Congratulate your kids form me for being so thoughtful.

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answers from Orlando on

Although I believe a children's home would be best, my niece recently had to stay at the Ronald McDonald House down on Princeten near Florida Hospital and I think that would also be a great place to go.

People who have sick children stay there with their family and it could be comforting to the parents and siblings of the sick children as well as the children themseleves to let them know you are thinking of them and your prayers are with them. :O)

This is a great endevour. You must be so proud of your children!


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answers from Orlando on

Life for Kids / A Center for Women in Winter Park is a non profit women's resource center, a ministry committed to offering hope and life affirming assistance to women,
to saving the lives of children and to building stable families. Their services focus on giving personalized aid, finding practical resources and offering life counseling to women facing crisis and unplanned pregnancies, to families struggling to be whole, and to children needing safe and stable homes. They have a donation center to support families and accept toys. Here's their contact information:

Life for Kids, A Center for Women 315 North Wymore Road, Winter Park, FL 32789 tel ###-###-####, website for map or directions

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answers from Daytona Beach on

I am not sure where you live, but I donated a bunch of stuff to Arnold Palmer. I believe if you go to their website it will give you information on how to go about that.

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answers from Orlando on

Hi T.

Both ideas are great! There are 2 children's homes here in the local that I know off. One is in Deltona and the other in Casselberry or you could do some internet searching and there are poorer homes in other parts of the country. Any hospital that has a kid's cancer like Arnold Palmer. MD Anderson might also be good.

Thank you for teaching your little ones to consider others! We try teaching that concept to adults and find a hard time getting through. On a daily basis, I must ask 30 people a day if they know of a person or family in need and they mostly respond with, "I can't think of one". Very distressing to us, because our mission is to help families in the area with basic needs. We support a home for abandoned moms and children. God bless and keep up the good work!

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That's so true about Ronald McDonald House. My son was a patient at All Childrens Hospital in St. Petersburg for the first nine days of his life. We weren't allowed to bring anything into the NICU but they gave us toys and two huge diaper bags of things for him to bring home with when he was healthy enough to bring him home. I was gonna say St. Judes is another place to look into.



answers from Orlando on

I took my collection of beanie babies to the fire department. they give them to children who are victis of any tyoe of emergency. they were very appreciative

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