Children's Books on Retention?

Updated on June 30, 2018
J.S. asks from Hudson, OH
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I am strongly considering retaining my son in 1st grade. He is physically small and immature (he is academically very high, and that is the only thing that give me pause). Anyway, I am going to start introducing him to the idea now. Has anyone come across any children's books that focus on this concept. Please let me know. He LOVES to read and I think this will be a great way for us to begin conversations regarding this topic.
PLEASE, I do NOT want this to be a strand about the pros / cons, etc. on retention, I just want some book titles!

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answers from Norfolk on

"First Grade...Again" by Hesta Roach is a picture book that addresses being held back / repeating a grade / grade retention. The book covers the emotions felt by the little boy. It's currently out of print but may be obtainable through your public library or community college library.
Here's the description on



answers from Toledo on

I have not seen any books at all for children about grade retention. If your school system has a psychologist, they may be able to help you, but from experience I have learned that most school psychologist are against retention and try and find other options, but I do understand your perspective. I also have a son who is very small for his age, very immature as well. Until this year he was doing well in school, but now in 4th grade, that has suffered too and I find myself wondering if I should have had him start kindergarten a year later. Does your school offer a 1st/2nd mix class? That might be another option to explore. Then your son could be working academically where he is, but be with kids that are of his size and maturity.
Oh and seeing where you live, you might also check OHVA to see if that is a fit for you and your son.



answers from Indianapolis on

Before introducing the idea to your son, I would see if the school will do it. I think the school has to agree to retention. I had a teacher once suggesting this because my son was similiar, we weren't really for it, and the principal told me not to worry because it wasn't an option. So check with your school first before you prepare your son for something that isn't an option.
Otherwise, I dont' know of any book options. Sorry.



answers from Indianapolis on

If he's truly smart and loves to read you should consider looking into your school's gifted and talented program. We were going to delay our son (summer birthday) a year to start kindergarten because he is small for his age, very immature compared to other kids his age and he's really smart. Turns out he's just gifted and holding back a year would've been absolutely disastrous. Many gifted/talented kids are socially immature compared to their peers due to asynchronous development - it's very common for GT kids to be 1-3 years behind their peers in social skills. Putting GT kids into a program with other GT kids does wonders for them and is so much better than retention -- which would just frustrate him and probably hurt his self-confidence if he is gifted - not to mention he'll be bored out of his mind and start to not like school because of it. Our son is in the GT classroom now and he is thriving. Most of the kids in the class are about the same socially... that is, a year or so behind their age peers but they are learning and doing work several grade levels ahead.

It's just an angle you might not have thought of.



answers from Cleveland on

If you do this try to either change the school or change teachers. Most people who have done what you are doing have found this to really help the child.

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