Children's Benadryl Allergy Medication for a 5 Months Old Baby

Updated on March 29, 2009
L.S. asks from San Jose, CA
4 answers

Hi moms
My little boy is having a cold and a sore throat...coughing a lot ...but is a dry cough.
I called the emergency help of my pediatrician today and the nurse told me to use Children's benadryl Allergy to help him and will make him sleep as well ( he is sleeping less than 3 hours per night)
Have any of you used this medication on such young infant? Is it safe? I hear so many things that I dont know what to do...
I will use a vaporizer on him as well...and he has always a humidifier on in his room...( we change the filter often)

Please help me going through this new experience ...he was never sick before..and I am insecure on what to do...

Thanks for all your input

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi there -

I have used the Children's Benadryl allergy medication on my boy when he was about 4-5 months old as well. He was allergic to regular formula (we later found out) and started breaking out with bumps around his face and body. He took the Benadryl and the bumps went away in a couple hours. (it did help him sleep as well). We tried not to use it unless we absolutely need to but he has never had issues with it.

Good luck!

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answers from Sacramento on

Hi L.-

I am a pediatric focused holistic physician and would caution you about giving your baby such medication. In my practice, I recommend using essential oils for cold symptoms. Lavender and/or euchilyptus oils are great for opening airways, reducing congestion, and soothing your baby. Place a few drops in warm bath, humidifier and/or a damp cloth on his tummy. A gentle adjustment from qualified pediatric Chiropractor can also boost his immune system naturally. You might look at to find one in your area.

All of these things allow him to build his own immune response naturally instead of giving a potentially harmful medication which will merely cover up the symptom.

I hope that helps.



answers from San Francisco on

totally ok. i have used it as well a time or two. it usually says under 2 yrs ask your doctor..whcih you can do and ask them how much to give. i believe 1/4 tsp is what you would give him every 6hrs. you will see him feel better and sleep better for sure. good luck. they have other things out there besides benadryl you could look into as well.



answers from Sacramento on

My son is 5 and has been on it off and on since a small baby. As long as Pediatrician says ok it's alright. It definatelly works. A.

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