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Updated on July 01, 2014
E.W. asks from Jackson, NJ
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Hi mom's. My husband and I recently started trying for baby #2. No success yet, but its only been 2 months. Problem is, is that my son was born in September and if I don't get pregnant this month and do next, then our baby #2 will also be born in Sept. So I was thinking that we would skip next month so that doesn't happen. Is that silly of me? I just don't want to have duel b-day parties and for them not to feel special when they get older. Mom's that have kids born in the same month do you wish they weren't or is it ok? Thanks.

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answers from Tulsa on

It was a big deal to me to have a birthday with my big brother. He was 15 when I was born so he was like an idol to me, he was the most important person in my life. My sister was 11 but she and I shared a room and had silly sibling stuff going on. We are close now instead of my brother and me.

Anyway, his birthday was Valentines day and mine the 16th. We always had a heart shaped strawberry birthday cake on the 15th. Even when we were adults she always did the same thing. I have her pans and still use them occasionally.



answers from Dallas on

I have 2 older sisters that were born on the same day- 4 years apart! They have always really enjoyed sharing a birthday, and plus it makes it easier to remember! You don't have to have duel birthday parties- you can switch years if you want or just do birthday parties on big birthdays, like 5 or 10. But if it really means a lot to you- stop trying for a month- it's really no big deal!



answers from Chicago on

All of my kids are born in March. My older ones at the beginning of the month and my LO at the end. I have no problem with it at all. We are hoping to give them parties in March. The older ones will have a party in March and then a small party for my LOs 3rd birthday at the beginnning of April. I have no problem having a party a few weeks later. we were planning to give my older kids a birthday party this past summer but it did not work out. You can combine or have separate parties at different times.

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answers from Phoenix on

Honestly, I wouldn't worry about the dates with such excruciating detail. Just get pregnant.

I share my birth month with a lot of family members in December: Sister is the 5th, Grandma the 6th, I'm the 16th, I have a younger brother also the 16th and a nephew the 16th. That's 3 Bday's on the 16th of DEC in our family. That's one lucky number in our family. And there are more. If we all lived nearby that would be one awesome birthday party....the more the merrier.

Are you afraid that one child will feel less than if their birthday and month is somehow shared? I think there are way bigger issues to ponder.

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answers from Raleigh on

I have a 4 yo and an 11 week old- their birthdays are 4 days apart but in two different months (Aug/Sept). My husband's bday is also in the same week. When I was trying to conceive another child, I wanted them to have birthdays further apart and tried to plan that, but I got pregnant and had a miscarriage. After that I didn't care when baby #2 was born. I was just so happy that she was born strong and healthy. So my answer- totally ok. My son actually wanted her to be born on his birthday, but she was overdue and we missed the mark by a few days...


answers from Boston on

My brother and I were both born in July -4 years apart. I always HATED having to share a B-day party w/ him! LOL Isnt that terrible! we always had a Huge sheet cake, half pink w/ my name and half blue w/ his name.... when we were young it was just easier for Everyone to come to one party for both of us! Then when I got older -still to this day - I joke around w/ my M. asking if her and dad ONLY had sex in October !! heeehee
IMO I think your being silly........ I never not felt special or anything.



answers from Washington DC on

I have 3 kids , my first and third both have June birthdays a day apart (although the third was due at the end of July but was 6 wks early). So far it's not been too bad , we have a seperate cake for them and as yet the youngest has not had a party (she's only 2). When she is older and wants a party my plan is to let them pick x amount of friends each , have 2 seperate cakes and then hold the party at a location agreed by both (an indoor bounce place for example). My middle child has a birthday 5 days after Christmas , now I do kind of wish that we held off trying for a month so she was due in January instead , but again it's not a big deal and you get on with it because you have to.



answers from San Antonio on

If you skip a month or more, the child won't be the youngest in the class. I believe every child should have her own party.

A cousin got married on her son's birthday. And now she goes on vacation with her husband on their anniversary. That is really wrong in my opinion.



answers from Omaha on

Hello. I am in almost the exact same boat you are. We've been trying for a couple months now too, and if I find out I'm pregnant later this month, my baby will be due in August which is the same month as our first. My only advice is to just keep going and try not to worry about when the birthdays will be. I say this because I worried so much about that very thing and I have only recently come to the conclusion that we really don't have as much control over it as we thought. If you skipped a month and got pregnant the following month when your baby would be due in Oct, you never know if the baby would come a week or so early and then you're into Sept again anyway. In my situation - my first was originally due in Sept and surprised us a month early, so I don't know what to expect the next time around. All I know is that for me, I have passed the safety zone of definitely having my kids in separate months, but I'm jsut too anxious to care as much now. Now I just want it to happen! ha ha Anyway, I just think the perfect baby will come to you when it's meant to - even if it's the same month as your first. That just means it's a good month :) And my dad and his brother are born on the same day, four years apart from each other. I think they always thought it was neat. My dad always said that he got his brother for his 4th birthday. Good luck!!!


answers from Provo on

My sister and my birthday is 9 days apart. I really don't mind it at all. She gets her day, I get my day. My step family however, we did combined mine, bries, and my M.'s birthday (july 4th) on one day and that was the 4th of July. Which wasn't bad at. As long as you make sure they know their separate day is special, there wont be any problem



answers from Los Angeles on

My brother and I have bdays 8 days apart. We always had separate parties and never felt like we were sharing our bday. I don't think you need to skip a month.


answers from Seattle on

I have 4 boys all born in October. The 12th, 18th, 21st and 25th. Funny thing is the 18th and 21st belong to my stepsons' just worked out that my boys flanked their older brothers' birthdays.

So far, we have had no problems. We do a combined 'family' party for all of them and then if they want they each can have a separate 'friends' party...and they always get their own cake, they choose what flavor. I have some of the cutest pictures throughout the years of them all holding their own cakes, I like to have their cakes' shaped into whatever age they this year we had a #19, a #16, a #7 and a #5...pretty cute!

I think my boys like having their birthdays close together...they comment about how cool it is all the time, I think they feel special and it makes them feel closer! Plus hubby and I take them each out on their actual day and do a special dinner and dessert, just the 3 of us!

My only sibling, my older sister and I were born 1 day apart...her b-day is June 1st and mine is June 2nd...I have always loved it!



answers from Wausau on

Well in my family we have our son born in one month and then our youngest with a b-day 3 weeks later at the beginning of the next month and then I am ten days after hers and my oldest is ten days after it is really neat I think, but like the gal before me said, WOW it is a lot of money at one time, thank goodness my hubbies is two months after ours but even that is crazy. I love that they are sharing such close birthdays, it gets the I want a party thing over with and then don't have to deal with it for another year, bu it can be a fincial strain.



answers from Chicago on

all 3 of mine were both within a month. they love it.



answers from St. Cloud on

My birthday is December 14th.
My older sister is December 20th.
My younger sister is December 31st (believe it or not, she was 1 month overdue. Yikes!)

We all had separate birthdays for friends, and a collective family birthday party, PLUS Christmas! Our parents made each birthday separate from Christmas. We loved, loved, loved it! It's still a very special time of year for us.

Fast daughter's birthday is December 7th, and my soon to be born nephew is due on Dec. 4th. They are just joining a VERY big party! :)

My sister's two oldest kids are two years and ONE DAY apart. They have always wanted their birthday parties to be combined. They think it's a blast.
So, do what you want! You won't be shortchanging anyone! :)



answers from Boston on

Both my boys born in September, one due in August, came a week late, the other due in October came early! I have no issues with them being same month. The best part is sharing clothes! The little one wears all the older ones Christmas and Easter outfits! My brother, though different months, has a bday five days before mine, which was also never an issue.
Good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

My daughter was born Dec 17th, we are expecting #2 on Christmas Day and my Hubby's bday is Dec 27th. I dont mind them having their bdays all together, I wish it wasnt the same month as Christmas but what can you do. There is a M. from my daughters preschool who has 3 kids (a year apart) and all their bdays are in Feb. she said its not an issue for her.
We had such a hard time conceiving my forst that I was just happy to get easily preggo for #2. Its all in how your family dinamic works, if you feel it will be an issue in the future then put it off for a month or two.


answers from San Francisco on

My husband and i weren't intentionally trying (is that possible? lol) but we got prenant and had our son in August, August 2nd. My oldest step son is born August 13th.. not so great. I wish we would of planned better. I mean he is older 13 now so he isn't so into big birthday parties and we won't ever have joint birthday parties since there is a 12 year age difference (what kind of theme would we use?!? :) So i do wish we would of planned a bit better, but at the same time a baby is a blessing and it shouldn't matter!


answers from Seattle on

Both of my boys were born in September. It works out just fine! One is Sept. 1 and one is Sept. 19. So, for my older son (on the 1st) we do his party in mid August and then for my second son (the 19th) we do his party on his actual birthday.
The only bad thing is that August 31st is the cutoff for school in our state, so both of my kids are starting school as the oldest kids in their class, which actually has worked out good for us...but still a bit frustrating.
I have made it a point NOT to have their birthday's together. They each get their own special days.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Honestly, it doesn't matter! I have 3 children born in April, one in May, one in June, and one in August. Our April is filled with celebration! We love it. We can't take our fertility for granted. If you are so blessed next month, be thankful, and don't worry so much about the calendar! :)



answers from Columbus on

Between siblings, I think it is a smart move. Now, for me, my dd, and my is an odd one. Mine is Jan 3rd. My dd's is the next day (not intentional-she was two weeks early) on her Grandma's birthday...the 4th. It is a little weird to me to have all our birthdays so close, but I don't mind and my mother LOVES it. They have a special bond that I never expected. :-)
Good luck!



answers from Redding on

My sister and I are 11 days apart in December. We don't know any different. My son is on my cousin's birthday and I have another cousin born on my uncle's birthday. These things happen.
It all works out in the end.

Good luck!



answers from Flagstaff on

When my third son was born, I was concerned that having a combo party would not be as special for my oldest son, but we ended up having a combo party any way. Each boy had their own cake and each boy had a set of presents of their own. I ask each year if they want to have a party together or separately, but so far they have each said they want to have a party together. They are 4 years apart, but are very close.

The funny part is, when I was pregnant with my 4th son, we found out that he was going to be born the same month as my 2nd son. #2 was very happy, because now he can have a combo party like his brothers.



answers from New York on

Both of my kids were May babies, one on the 5th and the other on the 26th. I never ever combined parties for them - they always got to celebrate their special days individually. It was never an issue having them both born in the same month - we just call it the birthday month in our family, as my SIL and both her children were born in May, too!


answers from Modesto on

My dad and his brother were born on the same day two years apart! They always thought it was cool.
September birthdays are good, maybe one year one of them gets a party and the next year the other one does.... Really I dont see a problem with it being in the same month.... but if it bugs you then skip a month of folly.


answers from Phoenix on

Very smart of you! My kids bdays are in different months but only 19 days apart. When they were young we got away with having one party for both of them, but now we have 2 parties on different weekends and it's a bit much financially in one month. So definately skip a month! (I did that for xmas because I didn't want a xmas baby!!!) Good luck!!!

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