Childproofing Oblong Doorknobs??

Updated on November 16, 2009
E.W. asks from San Rafael, CA
7 answers

Hi Mamas:
I'm wondering if any of you have oblong doorknobs in your home, and if so, if you've found a solution to baby-proofing...I can't seem to find any doorknob covers that will work. Would love to hear any ideas!

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answers from Redding on

I think you will have to change your doorknobs to regular round ones.



answers from Stockton on

We have the same door knobs and what we did was get the hook & eye type locks and my husband put it at the top of the door. Works fabulous and is inexpensive!



answers from Sacramento on

I second the fridge locks idea. Honestly I never had much luck with doorknob covers even on standard doorknobs. With an industrious (read sneaky) kid, it doesn't take long for him to figure out how to use it or remove it. Something up out of reach is key :-)



answers from San Francisco on

Hi E.,
I happened to see a segment on GMA this morning with a babyproofing expert. She said they don't exist and she recommends changing the door knobs...


answers from Sacramento on

There are none that work! We had to just change door nobs or installed a locking, fold over latch from Home Depot.



answers from Sacramento on

Try the fridge locks. Put one on the wall and one on the door, and when it is locked you can make it tight, so that little fingers can't get hurt.

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