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Updated on January 19, 2011
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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I am childproofing my home for my baby who is just starting to crawl.Need some ideas from moms on how you do it.Maybe there are products out there which I am not aware of.

1.Our TV stand - we have this open designed two level glass TV stand.Loved it when we bought it for our 46 inch LCD , and now my son loves it too. We live in a rented place, so wall mounting is not possible I guess. How can I cover this TV stand so that he can't crawl in there and get hurt?
2.Fireplace - We have the electric fireplace on the wall in our living room.We hardly use it.Do I have to cover it with something as well?
3.Stairs - What age do babies start climbing stairs? I would want to know if I need to install gates right away or if there is some more time for that.What safety features to look for while buying a gate?
4.Bed rollers - Our beds have rollers at the bottom which have sharp metal ends or edges.How do I cover that up? Is there something available in stores to cover that?
5.Kitchen rack- We have a open desinged kitchen rack. I have a lot of small items (mostly souveniers) in the first 2 racks.Would you think I have to put all that away? The rack is all metal with wooden drawers, it not very easy to move. I am wondering if baby can shake it hard enough to drop everything down.
6.Open 3 level bookshelf - We have couple open 3 level bookshelves.I have a lot of things in those.Its that light weight wooden sheet like material. How do I childproof this?

I wish I could move all of these out of his way.But we live in a small 2 level home, so we hardly have any extra storage space.And if I block him from going near all these he will be confined to very small areas.I would really appreciate your help with the above and also any tips you have for childproofing other things in the house.I am a first time mom and doing it for the first time, so want to be sure I don't miss anything.
Thanks a lot!

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answers from Denver on

I just had baby #4 and never once did I baby proof anything. The best for us was to just teach them what they can and cannot do. I found that the more I taught them to respect things around them then the easier it was to go to people's houses and other places that did not have any baby proofing. It does require a lot more attention when you do not baby proof but it has been well worth it in my book.

Now even though I do not baby proof, I do make an effort to keep chemical products up high and I do not ever leave my kids in rooms alone if there is something like a wobbly bookshelf or TV. I did however, teach them right away to go up and down stairs properly, I just never felt comfortable with the baby gates, they seem more flimsy than most things in the house.

Good luck!

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answers from Johnstown on

The BEST way we found to "childproof" our home was to teach them "NO" or to teach them how to do stairs early. We never used anything for any of our own kids, nor the ones I've babysat over the years--babygates included.

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answers from Spokane on

The only 'babyproofing' we did was a babygate at the top of our steps and outlet covers. We would just say 'no' and move the baby away from whatever she was trying to get at. Also, we put some tupperware containers, wooden spoons and measuring cups in a low drawer in the kitchen so they could play safely while I was prepping dinner. But the rule is (and always has been) no one in the kitchen unless they're cooking - keeps the hubby outta there too! lol

If you are there to keep an eye on your baby while he's exploring his home, then it'll be ok. If you have to leave the room for whatever reason, either take him with you or plunk him into a playyard until you come back.



answers from Minneapolis on

Rental or not you can wall mount the T.V. just fill in the hole before you leave or they can charge you :). Stairs unless you follow behind your little one every second I would put the gate in might be surprised how quickely then can get around! wouldn't worry about the fireplace unless you have it on a lot, wouldn't worry about the bed rollers we've never had issues with those. Best thing with the shelf would be wall mount then and teach the child "no". Ditch the souveneur rack until the baby is can go without for a few months. Wall outlet covers are a must, and the vacuum is your best friend!



answers from Madison on

We tended to childproof as needed. We never did block the stairs. Our guy just never tried going up or down them without us there. We worked hard at teaching him how to go up and down safely. Good luck.



answers from Cleveland on

i just covered outlets and put baby gates on the stairs when she started to climb i also got rubber corner covers for the fire place and latches for the cabnets. personally i think that as a parent you should TELL them no when they start climbing or getting into something that they shouldnt be.



answers from Omaha on

Ha Ha! Life is so much easier when they can't move! I suggest you follow your baby around. Your house will get childproofed in no time! Any main area's that your baby is often at should be well proofed. You can buy metal attachments at the hard ware store to attach your bookshelves to the wall. We've done this with ours. Anything and everything that is at your baby's level will be pulled off the shelf, especiall if you have a boy. Anything valuable or breakable, I would put up until all your children are grown. You can try the "no, no" approach, but the reality is your child is curious and this is how they learn about things.
On the bed rollers, I would get something soft and duct tape it around it.
Have fun!


answers from Kalamazoo on

For the TV, you can purchase one of those plastic play yards and wrap in front of the tv so baby can't get to it. This would also work for the fire place. For the stairs, when baby starts crawling/moving get a gate specifically for stairs. Bed rollers - could you get some foam or something like that and duct tape it around there? Kitchen rack - I would move the small stuff. Anything tall like the bookshelves really need to be anchored to the wall once baby is able to pull up on stuff. They sell "brackets" specifically designed for this purpose. My granny has a friend whose grandchild was killed because a bookshelf fell on her and her M. was prosecuted for her death :( It's ok to confine him to a small space sometimes - a place that it "extra" safe so you can relax and take your eyes off him for a second. And then make the rest of the house resonably safe and also under your supervision.



answers from Minneapolis on

I did major childproofing for my first baby too in our first house. Then we moved to a 2nd when my 2nd baby was 6 weeks old. I decided to wait and see what she would be into. My first loved the kitchen cabinets, my 2nd never even once got in there. We didn't cover the fireplace and have never had a problem. For a few weeks, we covered the stairs with a chair and then decided to teach her how to go up and down the stairs safefly on her own (with supervision of course). Actually, I did very little childproofing in our second house. Mostly it was to keep our older daughter from exploring cabinets with, say, fine china in them. I actually think good supervision is better than childproofing anyway.



answers from Bismarck on

I totally agree with most everything posted. With our first child, we removed anything breakable, put outlet covers on, had baby gates, left doors shut - really confined him - and in some ways, that backfired. He was terrified of closed doors at places like the doctor's office, wanted to be on the other side of the closed door. Weird, I know - but with our next two, we chose to be practical. We crawled around and looked for serious problems. Cords hanging out in the open that, if tugged, could topple a lamp down - meant rearranging the cord - simple and quick fixes for the most part. Furniture that could topple - simple 'L' brackets solve the problem - usually under a dollar - install on the top of bookshelves with one screw into a stud. Simple - and removes the fear. Around sharp edges (bed frame, fireplace brick?, sharp countertop corners, etc - we either wrapped towels or foam - and there are sticky foam-ee corner thing-ee's that we bought for desk corners, etc. Moved heavy breakables to either upper and out of reach places or lower to the floor. I wanted pretties around - and taught the girls that - but didn't want them to crash on their heads. Baby gates - we didn't even do it for the girls. We started by distracting them from the area - and when we couldn't be with them, put them in a playpen or took them with. Occasionally, that meant putting them back in their crib with fun toys ... like if i was in a shower. Really, you want them to feel like this is their home and learn to respect your things - without having heavy things falling on them. Both girls discovered the stairs when they were actively crawling, and we began showing them how to scoot down feet first. It requires a lot of diligent coaching, but once then had the hang of that, they could and would scurry down on their own. Yet they had NO interest in getting caught on a level of the house alone - So once they figured out going down the steps meant coming back up to play, they stopped going there. Probably the most disturbing thing to M. with the girls was their ability to find and destroy paper (books, magazines, newspapers) - in a second. And pens, markers, crayons - all fair game. We kept my son's littlest toys in his room - and that was the one shut door. Good luck !



answers from Des Moines on

The only baby proofing we ever did was cabinet locks and stair gates. the best baby proofing is attentive parents. We do have a few rooms in our house that are "baby safe" where they can roam free/play without M. for when I need to cook dinner etc. In the other rooms we watch them and teach them what is not okay to touch. There are only a few things that are off limits to my kids - yes they try to explore there. we give them a stern no and remove them from the temptation, if that's not working a flick on the hand along with the no. It's no coincidence that baby's cause and effect starts kicking in at the same time as crawling. They learn that when I touch that thing I don't like the results. When I touch all these other things, I get lots of praise and positive affirmation. That's right, discipline starts now....

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