Childproofing Electrical Outlets in Use?

Updated on February 23, 2012
L.M. asks from Elizabeth City, NC
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I have a television and DVD player mounted on the wall in the children's playroom. The problem is, the outlet they are plugged into is accessible to the children. I worry that the plugs could easily be pulled out leaving open outlets. I cannot put a piece of furniture in front of the outlet. (My son is a climber.) Is there some sort of childproofing device available I have not come across?


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answers from Austin on

They make plug covers for this exact use. Here is an example of one.
Go to the hardware store and tell them what you are looking for . there are choices.

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answers from Washington DC on

We changed our outlets to be the ones that close up when there is not a plug put in them. Good luck!

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answers from Richmond on

There are outlet plate covers where a cover slides over the plug when a cord is removed. I found one at a yard sale but I can't imagine they are expensive. Try Babies R Us or Amazon.


answers from Columbia on

It might be easier simply to move the receptacle higher and drywall the place it used to be.



answers from Washington DC on

Any baby products store or even Home Depot type stores sell outlet covers designed to let you use the outlets -- then when you unplug something, a cover inside shuts over the holes and kids can get at anything. You do not have to move the outlet.

By the way, if your son is a climber, have you anchored furniture such as your bookcases, dressers, shelving units etc. to the walls? Parents with determined climbers should try furnitureanchors also known as tethers. You clearly already know not to have a TV cabinet that he could climb (bravo for the wall-mounted TV etc!) but be sure that if he were to pull out drawers on a dresser to climb it, for instance, that the whole dresser would not turn over on him. Go to for information on "tip-over" injuries and deaths among children in recent years. You can buy wall anchors for furniture online but also at Babies R Us/Kids R Us types of stores.

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