Updated on April 18, 2008
C.T. asks from Detroit, MI
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Can anyone recommend some good childproofing locks for the drawers. I bought some from Babies R Us but they do not stay on the furniture. My kids are constantly pulling things out of the drawers which makes extra cleaning for me once they go to sleep.

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answers from Saginaw on

I would take this in a different direction, just because I'm efficient and object to mindless busywork.

If you were to take everything out of the drawers and instead stow the stuff either in storage for a few years or in baskets on upper-cupboard shelves (or upper bookshelves) you'd save yourself a great deal of time and energy, and not have to remind 2 toddlers 1500 times a week that this stuff isn't for playing with.

One of these days I'm going to get around to writing a book called Lazy Parenting...



answers from Detroit on

I know this is not what you requested but you could start teaching them "no touch". I have a son that will be 4 in June and a 19 month old son and they both started learning around 12 months on up. I only have 2 cupboards that have locks on them, and have taught the boys to not play with the ones that I don't want them in. No touch is a great thing for them to learn. I always started it on the outlets; I would say "no touch" and then when they touched it gently swat their hand away (sometimes not gently when they keep doing it). Keep doing it until they stop, then praise them for "no touch". Stay calm the whole time you are training them and keep doing it each time they reach for the drawers and pretty soon they will not mess with them again. My boys do need reminded every now and again but they also are being taught to put stuff away. Anytime after 1 year that can be taught (the sooner the better) too. Of course it is a slow process and sometimes they will test you but you are the mom and you can tell them what to do. Once they learn the no touch it is easy to use it in other people’s homes that are not childproof and when they get close to something hot or dangerous. Good luck and if the other options don't work maybe this will.



answers from Detroit on

Lowes Hardware has a good selection but I have found that Babies R Us had the most variety. Ours are an off brand and are the kind that you have to pinch to open from the inside of the drawer they kind of look like a olive fork. So far they are the only ones my 3 yo hasn't figured out how to open.

Good Luck there are so many out there you really need to just try them out.



answers from Detroit on

it would depend on what kind of drawers you have...
do they have handles?
can you put locks on the inside?
I have some large drawers in my kitchen that I can not put locks on (at least not noticeable locks) since the top of the bottom drawers frame is the next drawer up... pull one and all the drawers would be hooked together...
Walmart does have some "latches" that stick on. I use them on the inside of some of my cabinets that are right by my stove. Stick the one side to the inside of the door and the latch part on the outside of the side of the cabinet... I can open them, and you can't really see them... I also have some that hold open sliding doors in our livingroom...
So look around see what kind of needs you have... Then go buy ONE pack of something... Try it and if it doesn't work, your only out a couple $$$ that you can make up at a yard sale or give them to friends... Its all about trial and error. What ewill work for YOU, your cabinets, adn what won't the kids figure out easily.
Good luck!!!



answers from Detroit on

Dear C.,

We've used "Tot Locks", and love them! They are magnetic, so you can't open the drawer at all without using the magnet to disengage the lock. The good news is, after the kids go to bed or when they're not around, you can change the locks so that the drawers open normally. It takes a little effort to install, but these locks are well worth it! The kids can't open the drawers at all, so there's no banging open and closed. I think you can get them at Babies R Us.

Good luck!


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