Childproof Lazy Susan

Updated on November 14, 2012
R.H. asks from Carrollton, TX
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My question seems to have everyone stumped. Is there a special way to childproof a kitchen lazy susan that is floor level? I have new cabinets so I don't want to ruin them by attaching the magnets with the straps and would like something that's not real obtrusive looking. This is the strange part; it's to keep my black lab from opening the lazy susan! Not a child, a dog! Ever see a black lab that got into 5 lbs. of white flour? HELP.

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answers from Dallas on

Oh Thank you I needed that good laugh. I nearly fell out of my chair and the tears are still rolling down my face!

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answers from Dallas on

Sorry I have no advice to offer but have to say as the owner of two labs myself this just made me laugh and laugh!!!! My 2 have been known to do some crazy things too, but i can just visualize one overed in flour !!!! Oh my !!! Best of luck.



answers from Boston on

you are going to have to attach some type of lock to it. My sil has child proof locks that go on the inside and work with a magnet but there is also this lock
you could also just move the things that you don't want your lab getting into (like flour) to a higher safer cabinet.



answers from Kokomo on

you might be able to ask the company where you bought your cabnets if they have something.
I did the same thing when I was 2 or 3 years old with playing in the flour. It was all over the floor. My mom had somekind of hat or something that she used with the flour and I put it on my head. I can just picture your floor white with the flour and your black dog no longer black. What a sight to come home to.
However you will have a story to tell your family at Thanksgiving when you are stressed. It will make you laugh later down the road.



answers from Denver on

We found a lazy susan lock at Target. I think it was by Safety 1st. After a while (maybe a year), the inside piece broke and we had to replace it, but it was easy to use and the visible part was about the size of two half dollars. If you google lazy susan locks, it's the first one that shows up.



answers from Detroit on

I just signed up just so I could respond. My 2 year old walker terror was not letting me sleep this morning he kept batting at my bedroom door . He does it when he wants food, water, to go outside, or sometimes just attention. I went out and (I'm assuming he was hungry because all my cabinet doors were open) I couldn't figure out anything so I was going to put him in his cage til I noticed our other dog, a full blood hound dog was in the cage. I can usually be okay with the little terror running the house BUT after 20 minutes in the bedroom there was all kinds of crash boom bangs and when I went out I couldn't tell much was different til I got to the counter and noticed the lazy susan was open and the Flour was all over the floor ..... Interesting fact there was quite a bit of area between the lazy susan and the pile of flour and the dog was not covered in it as I would have expected..... I think my house is haunted.



answers from Stockton on

Sorry, don't have an answer but wanted to say thank you for the smile. That was a great visual!



answers from Dallas on

LOL! Sorry, I really hope you get your problem solved (I wouldn't have a clue how). I really needed your post this morning. So thanks! for putting a smile on my face.

Have a great day and enjoy your Santa pubby.



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Since you don't want to marr your new cabinets, which I totally understand. Can you put up a walk-thru gate to keep the dog out. We had a border collier lab mix that was very smart. She was able to open closed doors. I feel your pain. She did not, however, learn that she could jump gates. :)


answers from Oklahoma City on

BAHAHA, I'm sorry that just sounds funny....makes me think of a cleaning supply commercial lol would love to see a picture of that...can you not get the old fashioned baby door locks that go on the inside, that have a lever that you have to push to release?

Next question: The Masked Cabinet Crawler!