Childcare - Redford,MI

Updated on August 24, 2007
K.O. asks from Redford, MI
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I'm looking for a daycare center or in-home daycare in the livonia area, any information givin would be appreciated. Thanks

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I called the 4 C'c for a list of in home day care close to my home. Their # is 866-424-4532. They will send you a list of day care close to your home.You can go and check them out and see if you like any of them. All the names they send are licsensed. That doesn't mean you'll like them but it does mean the state is aware of them and they have to follow the state rules.



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My sitter comes to my house 8/farmington. She was looking for a little one under the Kindergarten age. (one of her kids is moving away) She is very flexible and has been watching my kids since my oldest was 5 (he's 15 now). She is very trustworthy, got my daughter ready for Kindergarten and is very structured. I think it's $35 a day for full time. If you want more information, email me.




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Hi there!
I have just started my Montessori based daycare/preschool at home. I am a certified Montessori teacher & have taught in public as well as private schools.
I have a loving, structured curriculum for children. Please feel free to visit my facility anytime. Call ###-###-####. You may find more information at
Enroll now & get a discount for being a member of mamasource! I also offer discounts for referrals



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Hi K.,

I currently have my son enrolled in Rainbow Child Development Center in Canton. They have plenty of centers around, and the teachers are wonderful there. This one is a newer center, so they are still building their program.

I've also heard wonderful things about New Horizon's for Children. It was my #1 choice until I was told they didn't have openings for like 9 months or so.....

As for an in home daycare, I'd love to find one, but none of my searches have turned out positive. Therefore my son stays where he is, and fortunately I feel he is getting good care there.

Best of luck if you open up your own center.... I might even want some info on it... ;)

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