Child Took My Card and Set up Account

Updated on October 24, 2014
G.B. asks from Boise, ID
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Hi Mamas, My child took my DEBIT card, which can also be used as a Visa, and set up an Animal Jam (internet game) recurring account without my knowledge. She has some learning challenges and did not understand that she was setting up a recurring account. Upon more investigation...... it looks as if she set up 2 accounts (at different times), because they are billing me twice every month about a week apart.. Do any of you know if there is any protection for parents who's card is stolen, even though it was from a child, where the game provider or c-card company would reimburse my account? It's probably a longshot but just wanted to see if anyone knew. I called the game company and they told us they needed to have a team research the situation and get back to us. Any additional info I can have before they call back would be great. I know, it is a terrible thing to have a child do this. Yes, she had to pay back all the charges to us, and, lost all computer privileges, and, went on restriction. I think she learned her lesson.

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So What Happened?

Yes, I caught it a few months ago when I opened and reviewed the bank statement (my husband does all the banking). I thought I had closed it down then ( I closed her acct online. not knowing there was a recurring bill I needed to address) And, I thought my husband had been screening these bills since then, and again, I happed to catch the charges because I was sitting next to him at the computer station while he was paying the account. It was only a 5 dollar charge each time but I am very savy about what should and should not be on that statement!

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My GD, on the spectrum, did the same thing to my DIL. DIL got to help from the cc company or the game site. She just had to eat it. Punishment was exactly what you're doing!

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I had this situation happen to me a few years back. I ordered something online and then there was some special offer that popped up that I supposedly clicked yes to. I had just assumed the charge on my account was for something I purchased until I really started comparing the statements and saw that I had been charged about 8 months for this service. I called and the representative and supervisor would not remove any of the charges. I filed a complaint and specifically asked for a copy of the authorization where I had supposedly authorized them to charge my card. Within two weeks, I had a full refund for all of the charges. I would ask for a copy of the authorization to see exactly what wording is in the agreement. That may have an out for you that the company doesn't want you to see. I would also bring up the fact that there were two accounts and that at least one account was cancelled online, yet the billing continued. You can also dispute the charges with your bank and let them investigate as well. Good luck!

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I would get a new card just to be on the safe side and keep it in a safe place.

I once had a customer service job with numerous calls per day. Typically it was because someone "noticed" a charge on their credit card. I was authorized to credit the account back 1 month. MANY times, I would tell the customer that this charge has been rebilling sometimes over 1 year and ask.. are you just now noticing? Some people got irate because they had been paying about $8 a month over a year and my standard reply was... "you should review your statement EVERY month".

I review our bank info daily but that is just a habit I have because we run a business, often have money wired in and I check all charges daily.

You might be able to get 1-2 months reimbursed but don't count on it and most certainly, get a new card so if she has signed up elsewhere that you do not yet know about, the charge won't go through and the account will cancel out.

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Most of the time the will close the account and refund the current month. If it went on longer than that they may not because you could have seen it on your statement. Your credit card is not responsible.

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Call the credit card company and tell them to block all payments to this company.

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Yes, you can probably get them to reimburse something. Call them.

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Do NOT call your financial and tell them they are unauthorized charges unless you are going to involve the police and press charges.
You need to call the company and have a receipt acknowledging cancellation of the recurring charge. If, after that they continue charging you then go to your financial institution and fill out an Unauthorized Transaction report and you will get your funds reversed.

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I have closed accounts opened by my granddaughter. I've just clicked on "contact" info and sent an e-mail stating my grandchild had opened the account without my permission or that we were no longer interested. They didn't refund money because we had received their service but they did close the account.

I accidentally closed one of my ongoing accounts by telling the credit card company I didn'T recognize the charge. The credit card company refused payment. The business sent me a message saying they had closed the account. Visa sent me a new card.

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First tell the bank that these are unauthorized charges. Then I'd hide the card(s) until you actually need them, then put them back up when not needed. You may have to get new cards issued to you just to be safe, especially if the game company still bills you. Keep checking on that charge though! Good luck!

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They can't cancel your account then and there? You have the info and the card. What other information do they want? I would provide them the last 4 digits of the card, the name on the card and as many billing dates and amounts that you can produce.

I would also have my daughter log in and I would remove any rebilling authorization that is on the account.

If you think she might have used the card on anything else, I would ask the bank to replace the card.



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refuse the charges, if the company said they would look into it, they mean they are going to hang up from you, snicker into their sleeves, and keep sending you the bill anyway..make the kid pay for the charges, if they are smart enough to figure out how to sneak your card out of your purse, get on line, set up an account..twice, and then..lo, and behold..expect "mommy" to foot the bill..they need to pay for all the charges they ran exceptions, no slack, no whining..and never again..if the company refuses to cancel the "service" tell them..fine, my kid will be paying for it until the contract expires..dont bother to send me the bill, because i didnt authorize the charges K. h.

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