Child's Teeth and Growing Back

Updated on March 28, 2009
S.C. asks from Lemoore, CA
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Just a question about losing teeth and growing back. It seems like its been months since my daughter lost 4 of her teeth. They still haven grown back yet. They are her top 2 front theet and the 2 on each side o f her bottom teeth. She lost her front bottom 2 teeth last year and they grew back fast. It seems like it is taking along time to grow back these 4 teeth. Have any other of you moms had this happen to your child? My daughter also has anther lose tooth on top.

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answers from San Francisco on

My daughter lost one of her front teeth just before her 7 bday in jan and the other one a bit after that..she is asking me when they are growing in so that she can eat corn on the cob again. Well 4 of her other teeth are lose too. The xray shows the teeth are right there. We'll see how long it take. it is going on almost 3 months now.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi, S.,

Many parents wonder about their children's baby teeth being lost and the normal pattern of permanent teeth growing in. There is tremendous variability in this fascinating process, and sometimes kids can be "toothless" for six months or more. Baby teeth will not usually just fall out unless there is pressure from beneath them (which actually "melts away" their roots), so you can be fairly confident that those adult teeth are down there in the bone, just waiting for their proper time to emerge. If you are really worried about it, you can take your daughter to a dentist; she can take X-Rays to determine whether the permanent teeth are in the correct position, and give you an estimate for when they will be "erupting".

It is actually advantageous to have the permanent teeth come in as late as possible, to allow her little jaw to grow more, so the teeth will not be crowded.

If you have any more concerns, you can give me a call: ###-###-####

D. Cotner, DDS



answers from Chico on

All children are different some lose and/or grow in new teeth quickly and others more slowly. My experience is that my oldest son lost and grew teeth back quickly and when teeth quit growing in, it was because there was not enough room in his mouth for them. However, my younger son loses and grows his teeth back much more slowly. He has room for the teeth, they are just taking their time coming in. If your daughter teeth came in slowly as an infant/ toddler, they will probably grow back slowly after falling out. If the reverse is true, her teeth may be too big for the spaces available. If you are concerned, I would check with the dentist.

However, I have also found that my son with the teeth that grow in slowly are less suseptible to cavities than my older son's teeth, which grew in quickly. Don't worry, they will come in when they are ready and in the meantime enjoy the toothless smiles!


answers from Fresno on

My 6 year old daughter has lost 6 of her teeth, and only 4 permanent ones have grown in so far (even though the 5th and 6th baby teeth to fall out, did so nearly 6 months ago!). The dentist did an x-ray the last time we went in and we could see all her permanent teeth below the gumline, so they are there, just waiting to grow in! Meanwhile she is trying to think of a clever answer to all the people who say, "I know what you want for Christmas!"



answers from Sacramento on

As long as she has been to the dentist and had x-rays that show the permanent teeth exist - you are okay.

Some children are born missing some permanent teeth. So, check with the dentist.

:0) Blessings

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