Child's Fishing Rod?

Updated on March 06, 2010
S.H. asks from Harvest, AL
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My daughter just turned 4, and is now showing an interest in fishing. There is a large pond by my parents' house & she pretends to fish by poking a stick in the water! haha

We just saw a commercial for the "Bow Rod", but you have to order that ("as seen on TV" kinda thing). She immediately got excited and started talking about fishing again.

So, can anyone recommend a kid's fishing rod that would be good for a 4 year old girl to learn? I'd rather be able to just walk into a store & buy it, but I'm not against ordering one.

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answers from Texarkana on

They sell all kinds of fishing rods at Wal-Mart for kids. They are just the right length for little ones. They have cartoon characters on them and usually come with a small tackle box and fake worms. This is what we got my kids and they loved them!

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answers from Birmingham on

The little inexpensive ones you can find at Walmart are great for little hands. They are usually Barbie, Dora, etc. in theme. You can't miss them. They are much more sturdy than you might think and will last a few summers. And, the nice thing .. if they happen to break it accidentally or toss it in the lake, you aren't out much money. I bet you can buy it for what the shipping alone might cost on-line or from tv.



answers from Topeka on

Walmart has Zebco brand (I think thats the name) for children my husband was a born fisherman these are the character kind Dora,Cinderlla,Sponge Bob,Scooby Doo & i'm sure others they all are under $15.00 this is actually on my list for our soon to be 1 yr old daughter for her Easter basket yes we start them young in my house hold & no we don't have fish hooks on them they come with a play sinker that they love to toss around.



answers from Baton Rouge on

First you do not say where u r at! Be careful particularly if u r in Florida.
Alligators are doing a lot of harm. Or if you are living close to the swamp becareful of large snakes.

Secondly - make sure some one of responsibility is with her. She probably does not have the patience but a good thing to get her interest so in the future she can enjoy the sport.

Good Luck God Bless



answers from Jacksonville on

I would start with the inexpensive Disney character ones. THey are relatively easy to use and if broken they are pretty cheap.
My kids have been through a few and by the time she is 8 if she is really into it, your hubby can get her the good rods and reels.
Also if she really likes it, fishing lures are a great stocking stuffer. Mine get a new one every year. THey all have their tackle boxes too.



answers from Lincoln on

I agree with the other mother's, go to Walmart they will have what you want.


answers from Milwaukee on

We got one at Walmart or Kmart... not sure on the brand but it is a kids one and to my daughter's delight pink. Might have to wait till it is more in season to have the best selection. I would just take her along try them out and see what best fits her.


answers from Knoxville on

i got my daughter's at walmart they wore between $10-$15 so if it gets broke no big deal. My hubby didn't understand and bought her a very high priced one and it broke in two weeks. She was around four at the time. and if she likes disney princesses they have them to for the same price.



answers from Honolulu on

Go to Walmart... they have fishing poles for kids/toddlers.
That is where we got ours.
And it works fine.

Good luck,



answers from Tulsa on

we got our son a rod for christmas. wal-mart had a great shakesphere/ugly stick for a reasonable price ($20). they are good rods and reels, i would get one over anything else. i don't think 4 is too young to go fishing, just don't expect to catch a lot. start with casting weights until she gets the hang of casting.

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