Child's Eye Turns in Sometimes and Sees Double

Updated on January 15, 2013
S.H. asks from Ankeny, IA
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My son just told me that when he looks at something dor a little while (stares at it) then one eye goes to the Side and he sees double. He blinks and it goes away. It happens again...but not right away. He says it doesn't bother him and that why he just told me. He's 10 and he says its been going on for 3 years! ( he really does not have a good concept of time though).

I am making an appt with the eye dr tomorrow but wanted to know anyone's thoughts on this. He has been going to an annual eye dr visit since 2 (my husband and I have bad vision so we are very diligent about visits). Last visit the eye dr said he had a little near sighted ness in one eye....but not bad enough for glasses. Probably will have to have them next time she told us.

Anyone else's kid have this problem?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the help! He has an appt with a pediatric ophthalmologist on Wednesday. Can't wait to hear the results....but sounds like something we can correct.

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answers from Portland on

I second the idea of a pediatric opthalmologist. You need a doctor who will test for eye function and not just acuity.

Likely, they will be able to give him some exercises or do therapy to help strengthen the eye. My son is five and has some vision issues; for him, we've found the therapy to be very helpful. He has 20/20 acuity, but will have a diagnosis for other eye issues when he's 11 and his eyes are fully developed, to determine if glasses are needed.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My mom actually had this problem. She had it for a long time and then decided to do something about it. About 13 years ago she had surgery to correct the muscles that move the eye. It went well and she has not had any problems since. As far as I know there are a few things they can try before they do surgery. Also you need an opthamologist and not an optometrist.

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answers from Miami on

I just want to mention to you that you really need a pediatric opthamologist. They have special "aides" in testing your son that a regular eye doctor may not have.

It takes a while to get an appointment, but I would get one anyway.

Nearsightedness and what your son is describing is not the same thing.

Good luck!

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answers from Sioux Falls on

I do have that problem myself. I have a lazy eye. My right eye while move all on its own. I see doubles when I am very tired.



answers from Denver on

I had something similar when I was little, and had surgery to correct it. Not laser surgery, but surgery of the muscle around the eye. Not as bad as it sounds! I'm wondering though what they'll find since you've had him seen many times and nothing else was reported.... perhaps it is something different. Mine could not be missed- an eye turning in is very noticeable. Good luck and keep us posted!



answers from Madison on

I think you made the right decision by taking doctors appointment & this should not be delayed.

Good luck !



answers from Boston on

So glad you're going to a pediatric doctor for this! I had a lazy eye diagnosed before I was three, and for whatever reason, my parents took me to a grown-up ophthalmologist who was not good with kids at all. He yelled at me and stalked out of the exam room once because I was flinching away from the eye drops and he couldn't get them in. I was pretty scared of him. So no real advice here except to support your decision :) Hope everything goes well!



answers from New York on

My daughter had exactly what you are describing. She waa 3 though and would say " two mommys two mommys"
We took her to a ped.opt.and she is severely FAR sighted. Good luck tomorrow.



answers from Wausau on

Extreme *farsightedness* can cause eye crossing like that. I bet someone is getting glasses soon.

My kids both wear glasses. I always buy a second backup pair, because stuff happens. Check out and I've ordered from both many times with no problems.

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