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Updated on August 23, 2009
L.S. asks from Waxahachie, TX
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My older child is ready to have an email account, which of course I will monitor. I don't know what my options are for children's accounts. My own is through Yahoo Mail, but I add another account on that, I don't want my child seeing the topics that are on that homepage that are not for kids. My children's computer is set to have Yahoo Kids as their homepage, so that's what comes up when they get on the internet. Can you have email with Yahoo Kids? I really appreciate any suggestions about how to get an email account up and running for my child.

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answers from Dallas on

We all use Yahoo email including my 11 yr old daughter. I have her set-up on a kids account. You can set the level of oversight you want. On hers I have to approve anytime she sends or recieves mail from a new email address. I also get a weekly email from yahoo with her activity. She also recently set-up a Facebook page and my rules for that were she either had to give me her password or she had to "friend" me so I could see what's going on her page.

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answers from Raleigh on

I set up my 10 year old's email through hotmail. This was mainly because we set up a messenger for him, with his father and I as the only people on it, at the moment. He does not really use it, since none of his friends have an email account as of yet!


answers from Dallas on

My daughter's email account is through our earthlink set up. She is 14 and we monitor the content. Most of what she gets is junk mail.

She does most of her emailing on myspace.

You have to do what is best for your family. We are not monitor crazy around here and keep lines of communication open.



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We set up my four childrens' accounts through AOL. They have the best parental controls. You can restrict who they receive emails from or send emails to, if they can get attachments, if they can IM, and even how long they can get online and between what hours you want them to have online access through your master account. We used AOL through their teenage years and it worked great! When they needed to get online in high school to do "homework" and I found they were doing more IMing, I set up a separate account that they had to use if it was homework related so they didn't spend all the time IMing and not doing homework. It also helped limit time online since they could not sign on after 10 o'clock or so. You can always change the settings as they show responsiblity. It is very user friendly. Even when we switched to Verizon FIOS AOL walked me through how to set it up so that the kids still had to sign on through AOL so the parental controls still worked and I could limit their online access. It was worth paying for both AOL and Verizon at the time. Hope this helps.

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