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Updated on January 30, 2007
E._. asks from Carrollton, TX
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Ok say I am supposed to get child support and its been a month and I haven't received anything. The person that is supposed to pay child support lives in another state....What are the chances of me ever getting child support from this person? I have heard that since the other person is not in Texas that no action will really be taken. Is this true? Or have other parents experienced otherwise? What do I do to try to get it from him or what am I supposed to do?

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So What Happened?

I did contact the Attorney General and will be waiting and keeping in contact with them to get some type of money. Thanks everyone. :)

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my sister had success with the attorney general's aid



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When you say you are supposed to get child support what do you mean? Is there a divorce decree that says so? Was that divorce in Texas? How is the support ordered to be paid to you? Is it in your papers to go through the Office of the Attorney General or some other entity? I suggest you call the OAG to see what can be done. States are supposed to work with each other according to the OAG.




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If you have legal documents for the child support - divorce in Texas, then call the AG's office as suggested. The statistics are that most do not pay child support regularly or not at all, so it is necessary to learn to plan your financial life without that income. Also, there are guidelines for when they will seek payment when behind and one month is not enough. Even when it is paid, it takes time to go through the of luck to you. I have raised my two alone for 13 years without child support.



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Is the child support ordered by court?? If so then it doesn't matter what state he lives in.
The best thing to do is contact the attorney general and get them to help you out. I was worried about this problem during my four years of being in and out of the court room for my divorce. So I had it be directly taken out of his pay check before he even gets ahold of the money. Best move anyone could ever make. There is no chance of not getting the money(unless hes jobless)

Here is the link for the Texas attorney general office. I hope this helps. and Best Wishes!!!!!!

if theres anything else you might need please feel free to ask, I will try my best to help out!! or!



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Contact the Texas Ofice of Attorney General. Many state have reciprocity with Texas and child support will be collected from dead beat parents outof state.



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Go to the Attorney General. My daughter's father doesn't live in Texas either, but they still garnish his wages. He is responsible to pay no matter where he lives. I don't even really know where my daughter's father lives, but I still get a check from the attorney general's office almost every week. Go to
then click on child support, then under quicklinks click on apply for services. I read some of the other replies and I want to clarify something. You do not need to already have orders from the court to get help from the attorney general's office. All you need is establishment of paternity. If he signed the birth certificate, paternity is established. I got my court orders through the attorney general's office and he and I were never married, so there were no divorce papers or anything. Even if he didn't sign the birth certificate, you can still get help from the attorney general to establish paternity. Good luck.

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