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Updated on December 02, 2013
J.D. asks from Elmwood Park, IL
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My daughter is 7 and is having severe behavior issues. She has a 4-year-old brother that she absolutely hates and is becoming violent with, she seems to have low self-esteem, is very critical of and impatient with herself, says she doesn't like herself, and has even said she wishes she wasn't alive. Her mood can change on a dime. At school she is the perfect student, and around new people she is very shy and will not even speak. We used up our four free visits through the MHN with someone in our area whose title was a social worker, and she got absolutely nowhere. Everyone says I should "have her evaluated", but what does that actually involve?? We have the name of Mary Lou Gutierrez in Melrose Park that I'm waiting to hear back from on her availability and rates. Does anyone have any other names or any suggestions?

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My BFF is a child psychologist for the Antioch school system, and makes house calls for troubled kids to evaluate and work with them. She would not be available in your area, but all contact with her starts with the schools' guidance departments. She does not work for a program like OCS, etc...

See if the school has a guidance department and work from there. If not, the principal or someone in the administration should be able to direct you to private services.

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Hi - I am so sorry you are going through this. My 13 yo daughter is very difficult and similar to yours in many ways - shy with strangers, perfectly behaved at school, challenging behaviors at home. Rates are very similar across mental health professionals. Focus on someone you can work with and who your daughter will connect with. I know the money seems overwhelming but best to invest now.

I would also take some time to think about your responses to her when she behaves and speaks negatively. A great book is "Talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk" by Adele Faber. It kind of models for you how to listen like a shrink - LOL. Trains you to empathize and help kids solve their own problems.

Good luck - keep us posted

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I have worked professionally with Dr. Arielle Albert at Michigan Ave. Neuropsychologists (I'm a school social worker) and she is great! Also, I've heard good things about Dr. Danielle Black at the Family Institute at Northwestern (Downtown Chicago and Evanston). I know she does assessments. I have done a lot of work with the Family Institute, and they are great!

A typical neuropsych eval. involves observing the child in various environments as well as testing, etc. Nothing invasive -- don't worry!

Best of luck!

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