Chicken Pox on 2 Yr. Old

Updated on August 17, 2010
L.L. asks from Redding, CA
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I noticed my son had a few bumps this morning, and they've only gotten worse throughout the day. Well, we've officially decided that he's got chicken pox. So how do we deal with it now? We got some Calamine Lotion, and have been putting it on him, and it definitely seems to help his itching. Any other ideas or suggestions? Yes, I know we should go and see a doctor, but we moved a few months ago, and have not gotten a new pediatrician yet. Besides, hard to get an appointment at 9 PM. Hahaha. Any suggestions on how to make him feel better, or advice on how to deal with it until we see a doctor?

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answers from Philadelphia on

Oatmeal baths. As long and as frequently as he wants.

And, slather him in vitamin E oil w/ a few drops of lavender oil in it when he gets out. Maybe put a few drops of the lavender in the oatmeal bath water, too.

The vitamin E helps w/ healing w/out scarring and itch, the lavender oil is antibacterial (and calming), should he scratch at all.

That's what I did, for two weeks, last Christmas. :)

I wouldn't worry about going to the doctor if you know it's the pox. Once you find one, you could always ask them to do a varicella immunity titer to get it into his record.

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answers from San Francisco on

I'm not sure if this was said or not, but you may want to check with your dr if you haven't already. My sister-in-law was completely convinced my niece and herself had gotten chicken pox, turned out to be chiggers (sp).
Best of luck!

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answers from Tulsa on

I bought a plastic swimming pool and put baking soda water in it and let him play in it. the reason I did this was the sun breaks them out bad enough they don't get a second case. and the baking soda helps with the itching. but this was 20 yrs ago. I wouldn't worry so much about the second case of having it so light he will get it again since they now have a vaccine. so I would let him play in a bathtub of baking soda water several times a day and keep him out of the sun so he doesn't get it worse.

When we were doing this there was no vaccine for chicken pox. do not give tylenol. even 20 yrs ago we did not give tylenol. it will pass in 7-10 days and life goes on. good luck and hope he feels better.

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answers from Chicago on

I would try to put mittens on him. I would fear him scratching himself & getting scars. I have a chicken pox scar in the middle of my forehead b/c I bumped it against a counter when I had chicken pox. I would really fear him scratching, so make a game of it somehow & put mittens on, even at bedtime.



answers from Charlotte on

L., has the doctor confirmed it? It would be good to take him there - let them know your suspicions when you call to make the appointment. They will likely take you right back and put you in a special room so that other kids aren't as easily exposed.

The doc can give you some good ideas about how to best treat him. One thing to make sure you do be mindful of is secondary infections. That can be even more problematic than the chicken pox itself.

Good luck!



answers from St. Louis on

have it confirmed by your it's in his medical records. A very important step!

Try an oatmeal bath to soothe the truly does work!

& as a head's up: our son had a full-blown case at age 4 AND at age 13. This last was after being directly in contact with someone with shingles. For some reason, his body is not maintaining the antibodies to the virus. We also believe he's had two other rounds of it....both being very mild.

I also believe that I've had mild outbreaks.....based on my son's appearance. Now I know to hit the dr's office on the next round for either of us!


answers from Milwaukee on

Did you decide officially or did a doctor? If you have not already go to the doctor and have it confirmed, they will also be able to tell you what the best route is depending on how serious the case is.



answers from Chicago on

My daughter had chicken pox for the SECOND time when she was 10. Her doctor gave us cream (Zovarix) to put on the ones on her face and neck (5x a day) so there would not be scars. It worked. No scars at all.



answers from Philadelphia on

Just have to wait it out. My oldest son also had the chicken pox even though he received a shot for the chicken pox. He had two huge clusters. One cluster had about 20 chicken pox the other cluster had about 40.

Good luck



answers from Chicago on

Wish I lived near you so my kids could get exposed :)
I'm sure he'll be just fine but just uncomfortable for a week or so. Maybe a few new toys to distract him?

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