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Updated on October 28, 2007
A.G. asks from Normal, IL
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My three year old just came down with the chicken pox. Does anyone know how long you have they have before the rash starts and when it safe to take him back to daycare. What can I do to prevent my 10 month old from getting it?

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for all of the advise, both boys had the shot. Just this morning my 10 month old broke out with the rash. again thank you everyone.

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answers from Kansas City on

Hi A.,
I agree with the other response and in addition to that, get the oatmeal bath that Aveeno makes it will really help with the itching.

As far as you other child, in my opinion I would say don't not let her get it and try not to let her get it. If she did get it at this point and they did have it together the likely hood of them getting it later in life are probably pretty slim. I would rather deal with 2 at one time then 2 at seperate times. Since she has already been exposed theres probably nothing you can do anyway, W.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

If they have not come down with the rash they are contagious for 10 days. Once the rash breaks out they are no-longer contagious.

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answers from Rockford on

The pox will erupt for the next week and will take up to two weeks to completely stop The child can go back to daycare after the last one scabs over. Just for your information as many pox that a child gets on the outside of the skin they will have on the inside of their body they actually get pox on their organs. They get them everywhere and just let your little one get it. Get it over and done with all at once. Your child was Contagiousness three days before you knew he had it so your other child has already been exposed but won't show signs of it for about two weeks. It is not uncommon for the child to hurt all over even their joints and places that have never hurt before. Take sometime hangout and wait it out.

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answers from St. Louis on

My son got all his immunizations but still got the chicken pox when he was four. The shot is only 85% effective. We kept him home for 2 weeks total. They are contagious until they start drying up. Hope this helps.
Just a side note we gave him oatmeal baths to help with the itching.



answers from Decatur on

You have to wait until all spots are scabbed over and no new spots are appearing....count on about 1 week out of daycare.



answers from Oklahoma City on

My daughter had chicken pox when she was 4 months old. When she was 7 she got shingles. Yes I know that is what old people get. But it is a form of chicken pox. She was miserable. So you may want to make sure your children are not around anyone who has chicken pox after they get over this.



answers from Kansas City on

Actually you don't have to have all shots for school, you can sign a waiver like we did. We opt not to get the chicken pox shots for our kids and there was no problem at all getting my boys into school and yes I was upfront about it. I say let your little one get it and be done for life (more than likely) the shots only last 12yrs anyways.




answers from Kansas City on

Have your children get the chicken pox shot! They have to have 2 of them to start kindergarten anyways. Hope that helps!!



answers from Topeka on

You really should allow your 10month old to get them now, instead of waiting until they are older.




answers from St. Joseph on

My son got exposed to chicken pox at 18 months of age. I kept him home for 1 week when the rash came up. The sores dried up within 5 days but I kept him home a full week just to be on the safe side. The rash came up abput a week after he was exposed.



answers from St. Joseph on

My 13mth old just had the chicken pox. It took her a week to get rid of all of them. I had to close my daycare for the entire week. My dr said she was contagious until the spots were gone or had dried up. My 3 year old never got them, but he also had the chicken pox vaccine so I think that is why. My little girl had a fever of 103.4 for 2 days and then broke out all the sudden. Her fever finally went away after 3 days. Hope all this helps...

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