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Updated on August 03, 2009
M.L. asks from Sparks, NV
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Have any of you experienced Chicken Pox in your children even after the vaccine? My 5 year old daughter woke up this morning with 9 little blisters...took her to the doc and is chicken pox. She isn't feeling sick, but they are itching...It was so long ago that I had chicken pox, but I remember waking up with a whole lot more blisters than 9. Is it going to get worse? Does it start out with just a few? I also have a 2 1/2 year old? How bad is this going to get?

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So What Happened?

Well, I ttok her to urgent care and got the first diagnosis but I didn't believe them...It wasn't that bad and she only had that 99.9 to 100 degree fever. On Monday we took her to her pediatricians office and in fact it is chicken pox. You would never have known it was chicken pox. She is at home with her dad this week, and acting as though nothing is wrong. She has gotten maybe 6 more spots for a total of 15 now. Her dad is the one that is sick now...fever of 105 yesterday. I stayed home with both of them and just let him sleep. So, as for my questions to you, thank you so much for your answers, it helped a lot. It is the chicken pox, and it isn't bad at all. Like one mom said, it is like heat rash almost. We shall see if either one of the rest of the family gets it, or shingles. I hope not.

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Vaccines don't ALWAYS work, or work perfectly.

- The immune system can toss the blueprint
- The illness could have mutated just enough that the antibody that's on file doesn't work and the body has to make a new one
- The immune system can be "slow"...aka you get a LITTLE bit sick, but a very very mild case. Because your immune system is already on it, just a little slow on the uptake.
- The blueprint can degrade over time (probably not the case here...but can happen with US as adults getting something twice, or something we've been vaccinated against)

So as to 'how bad it's going to get'...the best I've got for you is : it all depends. She could get a very very mild case, she could go all out. If your little one was vaccinated against it already she *probably* won't get it at all.

Make sure to give both of them a high fat + high protein diet (antibodies are fats and proteins...and the body is making gazillions of them at warp speed) & keep their fluids running high. (Low and behold, chicken noodle soup has all of the above).

Good Luck!!!

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Long ago before vaccines, we pretty much all got chicken pox. My mother said I had about two or three blisters. However, my daughter got it about age 6 or 7 and had a miserable case. She got them everywhere, inside her mouth and even in her vaginal area. The doctor had us make a paste of baking soda with water for her. No one else of my children had it nearly that bad. They probably have better things now for children who have a lot of itching. I'm not sure if benedryl helps or not, but you can get it over the counter.

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the chicken pox vaccine is the only one that I am skipping with my daughter. Her dr. told me not to do it because it doesn't work anyway (Dr. Sears). So, she had a friend who did get the vaccine and she still got chicken pox and ended up giving it to my daughter. She ended up having a very mild case (only about 15 spots). So, since it was so mild, she could still get it again later. I also have a son who is only 2 years old and I'm hoping he will get it naturally also when he is young. You could just give her some benadryl for the itching if it gets really bad. I hope it doesn't get too bad though because I remember how uncomfortable it can be. I have scars!



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My kids had them I wanted them to get them its not that big of a deal when they are little. I know several kids who had the vaccine and got them in high school NOT GOOD. Be happy they got them now and expose your younger one too. Yes it starts with a few and she will probally get more. My youngest had them last summer with no problems hardly any itching hope thats the case for your two. Calamine still works the best and my son loved dabbing the "pink" stuff on each new one he found.



answers from Reno on

All three of my kids had them, it took about four weeks of being home bound LOL. Seems that they did not want to have them at the same time, so one child got them, ten days later that child was back at daycare when the next child got them and ten days later went back to school and the last child finally got them......What a month that was!
Anyway all three kids had the shot, all three kids had different levels of chicken pox. The baby (who had the most recent shot) got them the worst!! There was not a place on that boy that was not covered in blisters, fever, aches and pains too ~ he was the first one. The oldest was the next and she had only a few spots on her body, but she had a high fever without pain. The last was my middle child ~ this one I was DREADING since he has extreme excema! His rash was large, not as large as the babies, but he had no fever or pain or anything else.
I know that they should now be immune to getting the again LOL Between the shot and the real chicken pox. I dont think those shots work, what are the odds that three kids would get the shot and the chicken pox? Seems like ONE of them should have been immune from the shot.....
Be glad that you are all gettin them now, better young then old. Aveeno oatmeal bath is great, some benadryl works good too. Good luck



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Yes my daughter did the same thing. she was in kindergarden and I just thought she had a heat rash, took her to the doctor and they said it was chicken pox. She is 11 now and has had them 3 or 4 times now I wish I never got her the shot. She never got sick or ran a fever. It was never that bad. She also only got them on her belly and back not all over like with out the shot. My older 2 didnt have the shot it wasn't out then. They were exposed to it when they were about 2 and 1 yrs old. That was easier then my youngest. Hang in there they say its less contages with the shot.



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since she has been vacinated for it the break out should be minor. my daughter go chicken pox 2 times before the age of 1! (she got it and then i got shigles and gave it back to her). i think that she shouldnt get too bad just put chalomine lotion on the area and if it gets really bad benadryl helps. good luck!

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