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Updated on November 03, 2010
K.W. asks from Sanford, FL
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My 2 yr. old son has had the chicken pox vacine, but a few days ago little red spots began popping up, mainly on his tummy. At first I thought they were just insect bites, but now I'm kind of leading towards him having chicken pox. I know that with the vacine he should only have a really light case, but does anyone know if they spots will still scab over or do they just fade away. Trying to not have to make a trip to the pediatricians!

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answers from Dover on

My son never had that vaccine but he did have the chicken pox...a really bad case when he was just 8 months old (which actually builds better immunity than the vaccine). Beware, you can get chicken pox more than once (I did).

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answers from Rocky Mount on

If this is a reaction to the vaccine and it is a light case of the chicken pox, these bumps will itch, may ooze a tiny bit, and then scab over and fade away. That's the normal progression of chicken pox "bumps" anyway. He may also develop a mild fever and feel generally blah or tired. This will pass and shouldn't ever get to an escalated form of full-blown chicken pox....not from thr vaccine anyway. Ask him if the bumps itch and if he says yes, apply calamine lotion to them to dry them up quickly and make sure he doesn't scratch them. They will not only spread but they will scar if he can't leave them alone. He'll be fine....this is for sure. I had the real chicken pox when I was 4 and it was a doozy. I had them in my ears, nose, between toes, fingers, EVERYWHERE! I remember this like it was yesterday. Everything turned out fine and I don't have one scar on me from it. My mom bathed me in oatmeal baths and used Caladryl all over me. She did a great job getting me through this and your son will be just fine. He'll never get a full-blown case from the vaccine so just ride the wave and it will be over soon. Good job on getting him less thing to ever have to go through!

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answers from Norfolk on

They'll scab over and fade quickly. The trick is not to scratch them. If they are scratched, they could get infected and result in a scar. I still have 2 scars from when I had full blown chicken pox when I was 7 yrs old. The itching was miserable. I had pox everywhere. In my mouth, in my ears, scalp, arms, legs, my stomach and my back. My Mom just put me and my sister in the bathtub and coated us with calamine lotion. It didn't help much but it was better than nothing. Your son should be fine within a few days.

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answers from New York on

My daughter also got a mild case of chicken pox from the vaccine, I don't think there's a need to go to the doctor unless he starts to run a high fever. My daughter developed a rash on her stomach, back and legs and was a little more tired than normal, but it went away within a few days. Her rash did not scab over, they just faded away.

I know that my pediatrician's office has a nurses line which has been very helpful a few times. If you're nervous, maybe talk to one of the nurses. The ones I have spoken to have always been very honest with me and don't rush to have me bring my daughter in.

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answers from Atlanta on

Usually chicken pox is accompanied by illness -fever, sometimes vomiting. I clearly remember my case when I was 5! I would contact his doctor. If he DOES have chicken pox, even a light case, it's very important to keep him away from other children, infants and even adults who haven't had it. The chicken pox vaccine is one of those that many people, even those who vaccinate, don't get, so it could be dangerous for him to be around an infant. If he's not sick at all, it may just be a rash or irritation from the waist-band of pants or something, but you should at least call his doctor to ask some questions.

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answers from Cleveland on

Have you compared the spots to pics on the Internet to be sure it is chicken pox? My oldest dd got red spots on her stomach when she was around 2 and did not have any other illness symptoms such as fever or sore throat. She had chicken pox when she was 9 months old so I knew it wasn't that. I ended up taking her to the dr. First thing he did was check her throat. She had strep. He even showed me the white spots in her throat.



answers from Phoenix on

If you think your son might have chicken pox, take him to the doctor. If it is, it needs to be diagnosed medically in his chart. If it isn't, maybe they can tell you why he has a rash.



answers from Tulsa on

they scab over and has a 7-10 day duration. he will have knots behing his ears if it is chicken pox. if so let him play in a baking soda bath all day and get lots of calamine lotion. no tylenol.

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