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Updated on January 14, 2009
C.D. asks from Wappingers Falls, NY
4 answers

I have a chicco travel system for my 1 yr old and now we are having another baby so we need a double stroller. Do you know any strollers that are able to hold the baby seat since chicco doesnt make a double travel system... or reccomend a front and back stroller/ carriage that my infant can lounge in safely.

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answers from Albany on

Chicco does make a side-by-side double stroller that looks great. I was in the same boat looking for a double stroller for my 1yr old and newborn. We bought the combi because it's much smaller and lighter than the graco and was easier to use. (We walked all around the stores with them while shopping to try them both out.) Plus, we could snap our infant seat in, which we wanted. I wish we had bought the side-by-side chicco. I never used the double stroller to snap the infant seat into.....ever. I never use it at all because, even though it's smaller than most, it's too big and I feel like I don't fit down any aisles at stores or walking through crowds. We got it on sale, but it was a big waste of money. I use my peg perego single stroller, which I love. When my son was a newborn, I would carry him in the bjorn carrier and put my 1yr old in the stroller. Now, I put my son in the stroller and let my daughter (now 2) walk. The side-by-side would've been much more useful.
Whatever you get, try it out in the store a lot. Fold it up and down yourself, lift it, walk around with it. (Put your son and your diaper bag in it and walk around, so that you can see what it feels like with weight in it.) It's something that you'll use a lot, so you want to make sure you like it.



answers from Albany on

Hi C.,
We also had the Chicco system for our son and loved it...I was sad they didn't make a double as well. We ended up buying the Graco Quattro Duo Glider and it works out well for us. It handles pretty well, for a double stroller, and it folds down very easily. It's also not too heavy to lift into the car. We use our Chicco infant carrier in it, but it does not snap into place, but it does sit down in it well and isn't going to go anywhere. You just have to lift up the bar that goes across the back seat and then place the carrier into it.

Hope that helps and congrats on baby #2!




answers from Albany on

Get the Phil & Ted's stroller- it is a bit pricy but so worth it!



answers from New York on

graco side by side is awesome.. easy to use, easy to fold, fits easily almost anywhere.. even in my very small car. it pushes easily... i love it.
my sister in law bought prego.. and hates it. its hard to push, impossible to open easily.. and is very heavy.. not good at all. good luck+

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