Chicco Keyfit Carseat Question - What Would You Do?

Updated on July 22, 2010
M.!. asks from Boulder, CO
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I am about to be purchasing a new car seat for our soon to be newborn (still have a while, but also looking for a new vehicle so I want the car seat to make sure it fits with the new car). I know I want to purchase the Chicco Keyfit but not sure if I need to buy the travel system or only the car seat. I already have a Fisher Price Sit N Stand stroller that claims it is compatable with any infant carrier. Does anyone suggest one way or other - as in I should go ahead and just get the travel system since they were designed for eachother, or would just purchase the car seat only and see if it ends up working out with the Sit N Stand stroller?


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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your responses! HaHa, I feel like - Duh, should have known to just take it there and test it out, haha. But, that is why I love this site and all your responses (for when we have those mommy moments and don't think of wonderful things like your responses!)

Thanks again!

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answers from San Francisco on

Go to a store like BRU and play with the display models :-). IMO "Travel Systems" are overrated and many new parents get them because they're under the impression that only the "matching" stroller fits the car seat, and later on they realize that they're not so crazy about the stroller and that other strollers will fit their infant seat.

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answers from Muncie on

I would take your sit and stand to the store and check out before you buy. That way you are sure.



answers from Indianapolis on

I have the chico keyfit carseat/travel system AND I have a sit'n'stand stroller (although mine is the Babytrend brand). I'm assuming you have an older child if you have a sit'n'stand? We had the travel system with our first daughter and it was great. A bit bulky, but a great system. 3 years later we had another baby and got the sit'n'stand. It works with the carseat very well.

I think you need to figure out how much you will use a stroller with just the baby, or if you'll need it for your older child also. I hardly ever use the travel system any more because I always have my 3 year old with me so I use the sit'n'stand.

And I agree with what everyone else has said, go to BabiesRUs or BuyBuy Baby and find out if the chico fits with the F.P. stroller.



answers from Indianapolis on

Take the stroller to the store and see if it works with the sense just guessing!



answers from Cincinnati on

Congrats by the way!! My suggestion is that you go to the store and check it out for yourself. Put the Car seat you want on the Wheels or stroller you already have. See if it is secure enough. If you don't have to spend the money then don't. Good luck



answers from Dallas on

Hi there! Congrats on your soon-to-be little one! I also have the Chicco Keyfit and love it. We bought the car seat first & the stroller later. The car seat that comes with the travel system has a max. weight of 22lbs but we opted for the Keyfit 30 to go up to 30lbs. The longer you can keep them rear facing the better. Since you already have a stroller, I would get the car seat first & see if it fits. If it doesn't, go get the Chicco stroller. I highly recommend the Chicco brand, as the car seat is rated #1 on Consumer reports. I also own the Chicco high chair & play-yard and have had no problems with any of them. Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi. For my daughter I just got a carseat and it attached to the stroller. The travel systems were expensive and I was able to get the carseat and stroller much cheaper than the travel system. When you go shopping for the carseat see if you can find the stroller that is like yours and test the carseat to see if it fits. Don't spend any more than you have to because babies are expensive enough once you factor in diapers, formula, clothes and other baby needs. Good luck with your decision.



answers from Sacramento on

If you go to Babies R Us or some other big store like that they should have both the carseat you want and the stroller you have. Just take the carseat off the shelf and try it on the stroller, then you'll know it will work.

Even if you just want to go to target, you could take your SitNStand in with you and try the Chicco on it.

If it were me, I'd avoid buying another stroller if I could.




answers from Missoula on

I bought the Chicco KeyFit for my son 2 1/2 years ago and I loved it. Sturdy, easy to use, but it sounds like you know all that. I didn't get the travel system, but someone had given us a stroller frame (don't remember the brand) that was compatible with the Chicco. In my experience the travel systems can be bulky, and they really aren't necessary. I would say go with what you have. Maybe you will want a different sort of stroller for when your kiddo is bigger and you won't be stuck with a cumbersome travel system. We got a lightweight umbrella stroller when our son outgrew the infant seat and it has been great.



answers from Cincinnati on

Take your stroller to a Babies R Us or Toys R Us and find out if it fits! It's really easy to do!

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