Chest Sore from coughing....HELP!

Updated on April 04, 2011
K.E. asks from Pink Hill, NC
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I have been suffering from allergies (pollen) since last week.....I was stubborn and held out on taking my allergy meds until this past then I had a sinal mess and was beyond sick feeling! I know, stupid! I'm pregnant and hate taking meds when not pregnant and definitely hate taking them when pregnant, but I should have because now I am paying for it!

My sinuses are doing better in the sense that I have less congestion, no pressure or headache, and am not running like a faucet at times, but my cough is lingering along with the scratchy throat....UGH! I am so sore in my chest from coughing and I know that I could take an aspirin for the pain and inflammation, but being pregnant I know I can't take aspirin.....My hubby wants to go to the ER because he thinks I need to be seen NOW....I'm not in the mood to wait around and pay 500 dollars just to walk in the door (that's our co-pay for ER visits) and then pay for whatever tests they run or whatever it is that we do.....He wants to take me to Urgent Care now and I'm thinking that may be something we can do, but it has to wait until tomorrow since today they are already closed.
My pain is really bad when coughing but does linger even after the coughing subsides. It is right under my breasts and right on the side of the rib cage. I do not have a fever and I do not have any other symptoms to make me think it is anything needing medical care right this minute, but I cannot continue on in pain until I can be seen tomorrow to ease my husband's mind and possibly get some helpful meds to get me through until this ends!
Does anyone know what I can do to help with the cough and the pain....I'm trying everything under the sun that I can think of and I want to make sure that it is safe to use while pregnant, so would rather use home remedies and natural remedies. Any help would be greatly appreciated. No lectures please....My husband is doing just fine in that department as is my mother....:)
Thanks for the replies so far...I have a heating pad on the area right now. It is actually both sides though my left hurts more than the right. Same place on both sides like where the muscles would be. Oh and I KNOW all about the gall bladder....mine was removed last year. :) This is higher than that and right underneath the breasts. You guys have been very helpful....keep the ideas coming.....:)

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone! I am feeling better each day as the soreness goes away and the coughing subsides. NEVER dealt with this before, so it was nice to have others to tell their stories and give some advice on how to approach everything without freaking out about it like I was at first! :) Thanks again!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Neti pot or make a homemade one, (little salt water, & a cup with a spout). Look it up on youtube, How to use a neti pot.

Vicks on the bottom of your feet.

Run a humidifier.

Sleep with your head propped up, a lot of pillows.

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answers from Redding on

I'm wondering if it's your gall bladder.
The main symptom is pain in the chest on the right side.
It's very, very painful and actually typical in pregnant women.
And, you might not have a fever with it.
If you absolutely cannot wait because of the pain, go to the ER. A gall bladder attack isn't necessarily life threatening or anything, but they can give you medicine to help.
If you think you can make it until tomorrow, I would try a heating pad.
Also, Vick's vapo rub might give you some relief on your chest as well as help keep your sinuses clear.
I don't know how far along you are in your pregnancy, but if your baby is getting big, part of the discomfort could be from your baby pushing things out of whack a bit.
You have no fever. That's an excellent sign.
If you have been coughing a lot, you might have strained a muscle. When we're pregnant, our bodies go through a thing of preparing for birth and our bones and muscles can really get sore. Think about it...our pelvic bones have to spread so the baby can come out, our muscles are all shifting to accommodate the weight of the baby.
My husband took me to the ER because of pain in my chest. EXCRUCIATNG pain. I'd had a cold and thought it was pneumonia. Because I was pregnant, the very first thing the doctors thought of was my gall bladder.
My cold and bad cough had absolutely nothing to do with what was really wrong.
The point is, there's no need to suffer. Home remedies can be fine, but you don't even know what you're trying to remedy.
If you're screaming in agony, then you have to go to the ER. For sure.
Just in case it could be your gall bladder, I am posting a link for what you can eat to help and avoid to see if it makes a difference until you can be seen.

Please let us know what happens and how you're doing.

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answers from Norfolk on

When I have a bad cough I put a heating pad on my chest. Perhaps Tylenol you can use instead of aspirin. See what your oby/gyn has to say.
If you have no fever (a good sign) and you have no difficulty breathing I don't think you need any emergency care (and be exposed to all the germs you'll come across in the waiting room). It's possible you coughed hard enough to make your chest muscles ache. Gall bladder/gall stones might also cause some pain in those areas and are the kind of trouble can pop up during pregnancy.

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answers from Eau Claire on

I went in for an asthma attack to get checked out before I could get my allergy injection. They wanted to make sure it wasn't a heart attack or anything. After i got home I started getting chest pains that got stronger and stronger. Everything was closed and I didn't want to go to the ER with my kids in bed and going to school in the morning so I took some Tylenol because I'm allergic to something in Aleve & Ibuprophen and fell asleep. I went back the next day (yesterday becaus ethe chest pains got bad again. The Dr said it was from all of my coughing . She could hear wheezing and said to use my inhaler and take Aleve or Ibuprophen and use a ice pack. She said the ribs go up to the breasts and that's why my back and breasts hurt so bad. Today it is gone. I found that Zyrtec really helps if taken daily but makes you drowsy so I was told that Allegra is better(non-drowsy). If you haven't tried the Neti pot it helps for sinuses. Good Luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

One of my pregnancies, I had the symptoms you describe. I too have allergies and thought it was just my sensitivities to mold and pollen getting the best of me. Especially since I had no fever. But one afternoon, after almost couging up one of my lungs, I went to my doctor and lo and behold I had a seriously bad sinus infection...due to molds in the house from our damp basement.

I was put on antibiotics and given a nasal spray to dry up my nose and ease the swelling in my sinuses. I felt 100 percent better within a week's time. The baby was fine when he was born 4 months later.

While it could just go away on it's own, you should really get checked out to make sure you're not battling something more serious than allergies. Walking pneumonia is serious business if you're pregnant. And whooping cough is epidemic right now, and very concerning for the baby depending on when they're due. In the interim, I find steam to be a great calmer of coughs. Boil a kettle of water to get moisture in the air. Drink hot tea or soup. Take a hot shower. Use a mineral filled sinus pack to relieve pressure if you have it. Get a humidifier and keep it running. Have your air vents/system professionally cleaned. Get hepa filters for the house.

To save money on medical costs, go to a minute clinic type deal in a store like Target or a grocery store. Something like sinus infection or other respitory things are right up their alley. They're cheap, and they can prescribe meds.

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answers from Johnson City on

Sounds like you may have Pleurisy:

I have asthma and last year I experienced a soreness in my back and coughing or taking a deep breath made it more uncomfortable. I had a chest x-ray and all was fine. Never did figure what it was but it still comes and goes. I have had a touch of pleurisy before too... it really hurts.. like someone stabbing you at times. I think meds are required to help if that is what you have. You should go see your doctor.

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answers from Cumberland on

First of all, when you go to the ER-do your own triage-if you want to be seen right away-tell them you're having trouble breathing-it works like a charm!

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