Chest, Gas and Spit-up

Updated on October 31, 2010
Y.G. asks from Philadelphia, PA
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My son is 2weeks old and keep vomiting and has a lot of gas. He was first on good start then i switch to similac advance now im using similac soy formula (isomil). He still seems 2 have trouble breathin like his chest is clogged up. What should i do about it?

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answers from Toledo on

Stick to a formula longer than a few days to find which one he tolerates. (You've switched 3 times in less than 2 weeks---that's too much.) Excessive gas and spitting up may be caused by not enough burping. Wet breathing can be the result of aspirating vomit or formula, or just him trying to breathe and swallow at the same time. (The Dr. needs to listen to his chest if he seems to have trouble.) Very young babies need to be burped every ounce or couple of minutes until they learn to suck more efficiently. This may be the only problem. Burp, burp, and burp again. You'll get to the point where you can feel his tummy and tell if he's got more air in there. Good luck, and it's no one's business why you're not breastfeeding, so don't accept that guilt.

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answers from Allentown on

That is a lot of switching in just two weeks. Perhaps he has an allergy or reflux, or any number of things. I breastfed both my kids and one was a spitter and the other wasn't. Turns out the spitter had reflux, and was allergic to dairy, when i stopped eating dairy she was fine. There are special formulas if he is allergic to dairy and soy. I would take him to the ped for a weight check as well as listening to his lungs and perhaps some samples of hypoallergenic formulas if nothing else is wrong. And as others have said burping is crucial, lots of burping, and try to slow down feedings as much as possible. Burp him even if he is fussing to eat and then give him more. But honestly i would take him in to be checked first.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My son was the same way at that age. (always spitting up....and gassy) We switched to Simulac Sensitive and the gas got a LITTLE better... but some kids are just spitters... as long as he's not miserable and crying from the spit-up (they always cry with the gas) he should be alright. With my son, the spit-up magically disappeared around 7 months.... You may want to try the Target Up & Up brand formula with the white label and pink letters. It's the EXACT same thing as Simulac Sensitive. (I found that out with this recent recall. My son took to it with no issues whatsoever.)

Other ideas for the gas-
1. Baby Fart Aerobics DVD.... it teaches you little massages and exercises to do with/for your baby. (bicycle the legs.... rubbing the belly)

2. gas drops... My son LIVED on those... he loved them.

For the spit-up-

1. I used receiving blankets instead of burp cloths....

2. My son lived (and still lives) in a nice absorbant bib.

3. Occasionally if I fed him sitting in the carseat..... he would stay in that position for quite a while and occasionally he would not spit-up..........

But- some kids are just spitters.... (that's what my mother-in-law told me) ;)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

He may be allergic to soy as well. Please call your doctor about this immediately. If you can't get to him you should go to the ER. A 2 week old who is having trouble breathing is an emergency.

Your doc may have you switch him to Alimentum-a formula for children who cannot tolerate regular or soy.

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answers from Harrisburg on

Despite what you may have heard, soy can be an allergen for many, usually they will tend to be allergic to peanuts also. Soy has estrogen which you will not want to give a boy long term. I would give him small amounts of chamomile tea to settle his stomach/gas. Look up Weston Price Foundation's formula recipes that you can make.

Good luck.



answers from Allentown on

Hi, Young:
Is there some reason you are not breast feeding?
Call your pediatrician.
Good luck. D.


answers from Boston on

Take him to the DR Immediately !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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