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Updated on March 03, 2010
L.P. asks from Santa Cruz, CA
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Hi There,

Anyone know of a good chemical free sunscreen (preferably zinc based) that is not greasy that also won't make me look like the walking dead? I've tried Burts Bees (really weird consistency that flakes) and Almay Pure Baby something-rather SPF 60. This one coats your skin with a "white paint"...

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answers from San Francisco on

I like california baby sunscreen. Any zinc based will leave them with a bit of a ghostly hue, but this one isn't so bad if you rub it in well. They also have a sun stick you can use for touch-ups.



answers from San Francisco on

California Baby or Blue Lizard. Calif. Baby is thicker, so you may not like it. It also comes in a stick which is handy for face "touch-ups".

(1st choice) Blue Lizard is a little easier to spread and cheaper! There's one for Sensitive skin which is working well for my son who is very sensitive. I got it on I believe it's chemical free.

Third choice would be Neutrogena Sensitive skin. It's not as easy to find as all the other Neutrogenas, but I have found it at CVS and occasionally at Target. This one spreads on pretty thin and I believe free of the chemicals.

Hope this helps!

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answers from Fresno on

Sun Shades™ Mineral Plus SPF 30+ Sunscreen

* The healthy sunscreen for healthier skin
* SPF 30+
* Rubs in clear and doesn’t leave your skin looking chalky or pasty

Sun Shades Mineral Plus SPF 30+ Sunscreen is the healthy choice for healthier skin. It features a unique form of zinc oxide dispersion that rubs in clear and provides you with full-spectrum protection against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Mineral Plus sunscreen is perfect for sensitive skin and for skin that wishes to be pampered with skin-stimulating, natural minerals. Give your skin the best with Sun Shades Mineral Plus.
Additional Information They also have SPF 45
This stuff is great and all of their products are chemical free.. There's over 350 products.. If you go to this site I can help you get membership into the wholesale club for only $1.00 until March 17th.. Just leave your contact info there and I will help you get it all set up...You will love all of their stuff if you are into non-toxic, chemical free products for a great price. The site is
Have a great day... D.

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answers from Modesto on

Hi there. I don't typically recommend my company on here (as I use mamapedia for my own kids questions), but your request made me want to tell you about UV Skinz. We manufacture UV protective swimshirts for the entire family. I started UV Skinz after losing my 32 year old husband to skin cancer and I wanted an alternative to having to lather our three little boys in sunscreen every couple of hours. Like you, I dint want all the chemicals and the swimshirts carry a UPF 50+ protection. As a mom (this is really not a sales pitch, I swear! :), it's so much easier to throw on swimshirts and then just use minimum amounts if sun screen on the exposed body (i.e., face). Plus, my boys love them because they don't have to stop their playime to reapply sunscreen all the time. There are different companies out there that make them. I happen to be partial to UV Skinz ;-). We make a very high quality, affordable product.

I'm also always on the quest for a chemical free sunscreen and the best I've found so far is a company called TruKid (

Good luck to you. Please feel free to email me personally if you have any other questions ([email protected]

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answers from Dallas on

I love Shaklee's sunscreen. It contains their patented anti-aging formula. It is absorbed into the skin and nongreasy. I love to water ski and this is the only product that doesn't wash into my eyes. I am also very pale and it keeps me from getting burned.
You can find it at



answers from San Francisco on

I know exactly what you are talking about! I went through the same thing, but finally found one that goes one easily and does not leave a trace. It's Earth's Best Organics by J/A/S/O/N. It's mineral based with Zinc, no fragrance, no parabens, hypo allergenic and 70% organic. It's SPF 30+ FPS 30+ as well. I was worried at first b/c I wanted the SPF to be higher, but I was told anything over 20 is the same thing? We used it all of last spring, summer and fall on a daily basis and never had any issues with burning. My daughter was 18 months last spring and has very sensitive and fair skin. Hope this is helpful.



answers from Minneapolis on

Try Sun Shades: Sun Shades Mineral Plus SPF 30+ Sunscreen is the healthy choice for healthier skin. It features a unique form of zinc oxide dispersion that rubs in clear and provides you with full-spectrum protection against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Mineral Plus sunscreen is perfect for sensitive skin and for skin that wishes to be pampered with skin-stimulating, natural minerals.



answers from Nashville on

California Baby is good one. And clothes aren't actually very good as a sunscreen unless you get UV clothing. They only provide something like SPF8, or something low like that. Check out this website to find safe products:



answers from San Francisco on

Arbonne has a great sunscreen - Before Sun Save Face & Body, SPF 15. It's sold by consultants so you'd have to find one in your area on their website It's light and gentle enough to use on your face under make-up but great for the entire body. I also use it on my 2-year-old so I'm not buying different products for the whole family.



answers from San Francisco on

I like the Avalon organics one. It rubs in pretty easily, smells great, and is chemical free. It does leave a bit of a whitish tint on the skin but not too bad. I don't think you can really avoid that completely with a zinc sunscreen.



answers from San Francisco on

Alba Botanica Sun SPF 32


answers from Los Angeles on

I have one that I bought at a health/vitamin store called SUN. It's not greasy at all. I don't remember it having any kind of scent (if it did, it was very light). It is a little bit thicker, but I actually like that better because it's not messy and runny and greasy.



answers from San Francisco on

I have had good lucky with Badger's sunscreen. When I first used it, it was very white and a little hard to rub in but they have changed it and it is much easier to rub in, way less greasy and whiteness is much improved. This is by far my favorite chemical free sunscreen.
Also, taking a good quality cod liver oil is like sunscreen from the inside. Green Pastures is the best cod liver oil, plus it also boost the immune system and decreases the chance of cavities by 60-70%!! My son and I are very pale and every since we started taking the Cod Liver Oil, we use less sunscreen and reapply less and have never gotten burned whereas before we were religious with the sunscreen and would still end up a little red.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi L.,

Melaleuca has a patented microfine zinc oxide based sunscreen. It rubs on clear and stays on most of the day for me. I've used it for several years now and love it. My skin always looks great at the end of the day too!




answers from San Francisco on

I have to second the California Baby recommendation. My son is very sensitive to all sorts of products and Cal Baby is the only one that has worked on him! It is all natural and you can get it almost anywhere...Target, Giggle, IT is a great product. It is actually what our whole family uses!



answers from San Francisco on

Lani Simpson Sunscreen. She makes amazing zinc oxide based formula, but you need to follow directions for application to avoid the "walking dead" look, and her products are made locally. She is a Berkeley chiropractor that prides herself in her skin products and in women's health issues. Check her out at Enjoy.



answers from San Francisco on

Try Badger products. Heavy-ish but soaks in and isn't too white. Good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

A lot of good suggestions. Also wanted to repeat what another responder said, No such thing as checmical free sunscreen. I've heard a few companies are working on as natural a product as they can (Arbonne, Isagenix, and Origins come to mind) I'm allergic to a lot of things as is my daughter. We've used California Baby and Blue Lizard products with good results. We both have UV skinz shirts (Thanks Rhonda!) This has been the best soloution for us, even though for different reasons than you posed. LOL we do use zinc based products on our faces that give that look you mentioned. It's a trade off to the breaking out and itching later.



answers from San Diego on

Technically the only true chemical free sunscreen (zinc is a chemical, and it absorbs through the skin) are clothes and shade.

My DH is a redhead, so we're quite familiar with those. He lives in a rashguard and hat all summer.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi There... Try Juice Beauty Body SPF 20. It goes on really nice, dries quickly. NO WHITE... Their website lists the ingredients! Great for EVERYDAY... I would then use something like Blue Lizard on days you go to the pool/beach/lake... it does go on white, and can be sticky... which is why I reserve it for MAJOR outdoor protection... AND if you can handle any chemical at all... I really like Kinesys. It's a pump spray. Goes on nice and dry. Rated well on the cosmetic database... so not too much gross stuff in it... Also, I tend to be sensitive to Chemical Sunscreen... not this one! I DON'T use it on my face however...

Juice also makes some lightly tinted product for your face... Good luck!

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