Chemical Brain Wash?

Updated on April 16, 2009
M.M. asks from Flagler Beach, FL
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Has anyone heard of a chemical brain wash that happens naturally in toddlers, specifically 2 yr boys? It's supposed to be some kind of hormonal thing. I guess Dr. Oz on Oprah spoke of it??

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of your insights. I couldn't find anything online either. I know the "terrible two's" are normal, but someone told me about this chemical wash and I wanted to check into it. It would explain the difference in behavior between girls and boys at that age!

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Never heard of it. Is that supposed to explain why 2 yr. olds behavior changes? I know that at that age they make lots of new connections in the brain and learn many new things.

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We all go through it several times in our lives. My "menopause doctor" taught me this.
The "terrible twos" is about hormonal changes, teething, learning that your universe is actually shared by others, and so on.
The "teenage years" are about another hormonal shift called puberty and sex is the only thing on our minds (for many years after...)
Then we hit our 40's and watch out! Buckle up!

I haven't seen the Oprah episode; but let's all check it out to gain more insight.

Bottom line, dear, this is called life; and it's good to support and be supported by friends and family, whether it's via the internet, your church or Oprah...
Blessings, S.

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Nope, never heard of it. But I swear there are times my son's brain seems as though its been soaking in a bubble bath or pickle brine. I'd sure love an explanation of the three year old brain.

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I tried to look it up on line but I can't find it. Good luck!


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Sorry but I've never heard of such a thing, nor would I personally believe it! I wish you luck in this quest for information,. but please allow your brain to do some thinking on this matter and follow what God puts in your heart!
Kathy N.



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I've never heard of this so when I read your question I did a quick search on the internet. This doesn't sound like something for a 2 year old. Whatever problems your toddler is having, I would discuss them with your pediatrician.


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Here is Dr. Oz's website. I've never heard of it and curious if it's truly something.

This site is really good and it very interesting.




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I have heard of the "hormone wash" which occurs in male babies at about 12 weeks in utero. The hormone wash causes their sex organs to develop from female to male. As far as two year olds, I am not familiar with that, but am going to google it right now, out of sheer curiosity.

I searched everywhere...Google, Oprah, Dr. Oz's web site. I tried every combination of words I could think of, but I couldn't find anything.



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It sounds like a joke to me. Did you hear about it on April 1?

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