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Updated on March 30, 2013
C.S. asks from McHenry, IL
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I'm looking for a cheer camp for 7yr DD in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana or Iowa. I have been searching for days on the internet and the only one I found closed last year.

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answers from Dallas on

Have you called the Cheer training gyms? They usually have camps during the summer.

If not a specific cheer gym, sometimes gymnastics gyms will combine cheer and gymnastic training.

Good luck!

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answers from Columbia on

I did one google search:

I would start there.

Is she already involved in cheerleading? I would ask one of the coaches where she WANTS to cheer what they recommend. They will know the best places to send cheerleaders.

I would also think that almost ANY college that has a cheer squad will have a summer youth camp, so I would start with colleges.

Also I think Cheerful M is a cheer coach and I think she's in the midwest. I don't know how to search for a member, but she may answer.

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answers from Chicago on

If she's not on a team already that goes to camp then you'll want to find a cheer gym. Right now many of them are having pre-tryout camps so it's the perfect time! If you wait too long, then the cheer gyms will have chosen their teams and it'll be too late.

It's pretty impossible to do a camp without being on a team. You could try for a summer cheer class as well, most gyms offer tumbling and stunt classes. It looks like Ultimate Athetics in Wauconda has some stuff going on.

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answers from Dallas on

You might check to see if your regional newspaper publishes a section of kids camps. Our just came out last week and I was amazed at the kind of summer camps that were available. Are you looking for a short term camp? Also all of our high school here offer a cheerleading camp for girls. There is a fee that is used to help support the cheerleading program at the high school. The coaches and experienced cheerleaders will teach the classes and run the camp. Call your local high schools and ask to speak to the cheerleading coach.



answers from Chicago on

Another great thing to look into is cheer clinics at local allstar gyms . They are usually inexpensive but it will give her a taste of cheer . I got my girls involved with a rec program and now I am running a great cheer rec /allstar prep program in Oswego , IL . Oswego Elite Cheer . . There are many programs for cheer . See if any of her friends got to one in your area. Its always easier going into it with a friend .

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