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Updated on October 24, 2013
A.D. asks from New York, NY
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At what age did you stop checking your infant/toddler's temperature rectally? My son is 1.5 years old and I'm feeling a little weird about checking it rectally, but I feel that other ways are not as accurate.

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answers from Dallas on

We have a temporal artery thermometer. It's easy and seems to be very effective (it's the thermometer that most pediatricians' offices seem to use); fast and easy. The only drawback is that they are usually $50.

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answers from Seattle on

We got an ear thermometer at 8 months old or so. Never looked back. I just used it on myself this morning (have a terrible cold) - still on it's original batteries.... it's a Braun. Our Doctor's office switched around that age as well.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I used to check my kids temperature under their arm. Make sure you add a degree.

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answers from Seattle on

I always did under the arm and added a degree to what the thermometer said. It was the easiest to keep in place, I could monitor the readout, and give cuddles all at the same time.

The worst, for me, was those forehead scanner thingies. They were NEVER accurate.

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answers from New York on

We never did a rectal. I remember having that done at the dr.'s office when I was a young child and it was very uncomfortable. Our ped. taught us to use the armpit method instead. We used that until we could get an ear thermometer. Never used regular thermometers since. Always use the ear one.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I always did the ear. My kids never had more than low grade fevers, so I didn't often need to take their temperatures.

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answers from San Diego on

From the day they were born I never took it rectally. I either used an ear thermometer or forehead one. I mush prefer a forehead one. It is really accurate.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

We did an ear thermometer when the kids were older but they're not accurate if you get it slightly off, not pointing directly at the ear drum.

I prefer the anal or under the arm temp because I know it's inside and getting an accurate reading.



answers from Chicago on

I use one under their arm until 2 or 3. Then I switch to under the tongue.



answers from Washington DC on

We use a temporal thermometer. while the Rectal is the most accurate, kids get more squirmy as tehy grow and I was afraid to accidentally hurt our dd. We have had pretty good success with this which is critical since our dd has had febrile seizures in the past so we take seriously the termperature taking process/accuracy! Good luck



answers from Cleveland on

Ear temp. Weve had it for four years and only needed to change batteries once



answers from Chattanooga on

My DD got hers checked until 2or so... But she very rarely gets fevers, and I never trust other methods... I would take her temperature orally, armpit, and rectally and get a huge difference... Even taking location variances into account.

Now, I have one of those forehead ones I like fairly well. I spent a little more for one reccomended by the pediatrician so I could trust its accuracy.


answers from Washington DC on

Our oldest was probably around the age your son is, but fevers were very scary for her and we didn't play. The neurologists we saw told us to check that way.

But we used a temporal thermometer now. Well worth the $50. No sharing germs with it being under the tongue. It's quick and easy, doesn't wake a sleeping child, very accurate. It's also what most doctor's offices use now.

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