Cheap or Free Places to Have a Child Birthday Party Around KCMO Area

Updated on January 07, 2011
A.J. asks from Blue Springs, MO
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I have asked this question before but needing some new ideas. My daughter's 4th birthday is coming up and needing to find a fun but cheap or free place to hold her party. It has to be a location that does not have pets because of a family member who is allergic to animals and we have pets in our home (also would like to keep the location around the Blue Springs, Independence, Lee's Summit area). I have had her and her sister's party at our McDonald's which is great but would like to hold it somewhere else this time. I tried google and found a few that might work but their packages are way out of our budget. One question can you hold a party at Paradise Park in Lee Summit without purchasing a party package? Their packages are ridiculously expensive and also has any one had their party at Chuck E Cheese in Indpendence and does their price of $16.99 per a person or is that the package price? I wish we could hold it at our house or at a park but her party is in Feb. so my options are limited. Thank you for any help or input you can give.

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Check out Kidz Kabana on Commerce...just off of Chipman by XTreme Gymnastics in Lee's Summit. It's actually a daycare facility, but they'll also host birthday parties. We had my daughter's third birthday there last year and it was great. They were very flexible with me! You get a very large room the kids can run around and play in and they even set up a bounce house for was really cheap. We were able to use the kitchen so I ordered pizza and set it up and I could bring in other food and decorations I wanted to. I know some places you have to purchase their foods/ cakes. I think you can even arrange for Dora or someone to come visit for a bit.

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Hi A.,

I have a few suggestions since I am going through the same thing you are! Both my kids were born in the winter and fall so it's hard to have parties outdoors.

1. Prueter's Sports Tae Kwon Do- they have a location in both Blue Springs and Lees Summit. My kids are taking classes from them and they love it. The Prueters are great people and from what I heard they do have good parties. I've never had their birthdays there since it wouldnt really be a treat for them since they do that every week! But their package is $225 for up to 25 kids. Includes pizza, drinks, cake and the birthday child gets to break a board. All this for 1 1/2 hours. Heres their website-

2. Landmark 2 skate- For a private party for up to 50 guests for 1 1/2 hours its $180. You provide cake, drinks and paperware. Kids and adults have a great time.

3. Chuck E. Cheese- We just had our daughters party there. I spent about $180 for 11 of us. I didnt reserve anything. I used coupons I got online by joining CEC. We had 4 large pizzas, 3 all you can eat salad bar and I bought 100 tokens. But with the coupons we ended up with 300 tokens. I could have only bought 3 pizzas and that would have been fine. And my husband and his friends used a lot of the tokens themselves! We brought our own cake.

4. You can try to call Legacy park also and see what they have to offer. I know they have a lot of kids things and maybe you can have a pool party?

Hope everything works out, I have to plan another party for my son this month!

Good Luck~

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Well Mcdonalds is $9.95 per child....There is a party room at Pizza Street you can reserve...$2.99 per child for the buffet and they have an arcade:) Chuck e Cheese has 2 pkgs. one is $11.99 per child and the other is the Mega at $16.99 per child. Cool Crest has what they call a basic party pkg for $10..99 per child, includes some pizza, drinks and tokens... Im in the Northland and if you would be willing to drive to Liberty they have a place called Fun Run. It has Inflatables and is a whole lot of fun for the son loves it. They charge $129 for up to 10 kids and $169 for up to 15 kids with a party room and unlimited playtime and $10 for ea additional child over your pkg amount. Its a much more reasonable price then Paradise Park. Here is their link.

Hope this helps you. Good luck in your search, Im sure your daughter will enjoy herself wherever you decide to have it:)

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