Cheap Convertible Car Seat for Grandparents

Updated on October 12, 2010
K.C. asks from Lexington, MA
9 answers

We're looking for a cheap (<$100) convertible car seat for grandparent cars. Baby Bargains suggests the Cosco Scenera or the Evenflo Titan Elite. Any opinions?

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answers from New London on

I don't have either but the Cosco Scenera is rated a best buy from Consumer Reports so it must be pretty good. It was rated excellent in the crash protection category too. Hope that helps.

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answers from Dallas on

They have convertable seats at Walmart starting around 45. No opinion on which one is best. They all serve the same function and have to meet the same safety specs. We like the ones with drink holder, arm rests, and padded sides for baby to lay against when she falls asleep. That was the biggest thing, her being comfy when she falls asleep back there.



answers from San Diego on

I do not recommend the popular Alpha Omega or like models which run just under $100. It is hard to properly install in the vehicle, and that is very important especially with grandparents taking them in/out of the car. If the grands' vehicle does not have LATCH anchors, then that is even worse.

I have used several types of carseats but haven't used the ones you mentioned.

The seat I do recommend is over your price, but can be found for $152 online (no tax, free shipping): First Years-True Fit. The harness is rated to 65 lbs and the shoulder height can be adjusted w/o rethreading (also important to me when grandparents are the ones using it). I can rave and rave about this seat.



answers from Boston on

my sister used a cosco and my parents have an evenflo for their car but I'm not sure what one it is. They didn't have issues with either seat.



answers from Sacramento on

The Cosco Scenera is a very good, very safe, very inexpensive seat. My son used that in his dad's car until he outgrew it at 40lbs. It costs less that $50.

Here's what you lose by going with something this "cheap"

cup holder
shoulder strap pads (but you can buy a set for 5 or 10 bucks if you think you need them)
conversion to belt positioning booster

I'd definitely recommend the seat.




answers from New York on

I've used the Cosco Scenera for traveling and it's fine.

It's MUCH less cozy than the everyday Britax Marathon we have, but it works for short-ish trips.

And the price can't be beat.


answers from Los Angeles on

your local police station or fire station will usually had them out free of charge and will show you how to properly place them.



answers from Seattle on

ACTUALLY... we didn't get a 2nd seat... we just got a 2nd BASE for our stellar car seat. Much, much cheaper option, and it means you get to use your very good/safe seat.

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