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Updated on July 06, 2010
Y.K. asks from Clifton, NJ
11 answers

I'm looking for a Chores chart for my 4 yo To help her with her daily tasks and simple responsibilties . Something simple to understand and fun for her. Thank you for your suggestions.

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answers from Rochester on

Melissa and Doug make a cute chart. I have seen it at Barns and Nobles in the kids section, but have yet to actually use one yet for my 2 year old- so I dont know how effective it is.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi Y.,

Here's a link to make one from a free website. You can customize it to your liking with chores that fit for your daughter and let her pick the character for it. (I used this site for other things too since there are so many great ideas to get from it.)

I laminated my twins' charts at a teacher type store or you could try Office Depot or Staples. (It was a small fee to get my charts laminated.) Then use the wipe off markers to check off or put a smiley in the boxes when the chores are done.




answers from New York on

I use for my chore charts. I have a 4 1/2 year old and an 8 year old and they love them. I customize them for their personalities and it's great.



answers from New York on

I found a great one at Staples for my 7 yr old and 3 yr old. It comes with stars and very simple and easy. Sunday - Saturday and 6 chores for example:
Caring for your self
Cleaning your room
Helping around the house
Extra chores etc...
Good price to.



answers from Buffalo on

i got mine from one step was called a responsibility chart and it is a dry erase board with the days of the week and peel off stickers that show the pictures of the chore and the word of the chore..there is room for 5 chores for the day...simple ones like make your bed or brush your teeth or feed the pets are included on there...there is also a once a week chore section and a bonus section...there is a space to mark their goal at and then a space for the actual amount of their goal that they reached..there is a section to mark down their goal for the chores cream ect...see if they still have works daughter is still using it at age 8 and we got it when she was 4. good luck...



answers from Seattle on

I just made my own in Pages (mac's version of Word), then took it to the copy shop and laminated it.



answers from New York on

My 3 (almost 4 end o this month) helps with cleaning up her toys at the end of the day, put her shoes in the pockets (shoe bag on the door), and put her dirty cloths in her "bucket". At 3 I have to say "don't forget to...." but with some gentle reminding she does really well. Also she is the best vacuumer in the house. She asked to do it one day and I gave her the wand part of the vacuum and away she went. She did the whole kitchen and dining room (both rooms are about 10 x 10 each). She did it all on her own. Now I ask her if she will about 1x a week and she does a great job! She also will help (her choice) when I do the kitchen. She uses either clorox wipes or "Simple Green" cleaner and does the front of the lower cabinets, frig, stove and dishwasher! I let her go as long as she wants and then make sure she washes her hands good when she is done. She is a great helper and does a good job. I make sure to never redo what she did and to tell others about her help. She enjoys helping and the icepop or trip outside when mom gets what I want done sooner rather than later doesn't hurt!!!!)



answers from Philadelphia on

I made one on a white bored. I put the things i wanted them to do. (brush teeth, pj's, keep room clean, help mom) At the end of the day i put the "winner's" name. Then the next day that winner gets an extra run an errand with just mom :)



answers from Dallas on

Hello Y.,

I found a cute one at the dollar store (dollar tree). so check it out. I've tried using fancier ones but this one is the one that's working w/ my kids. Good luck! ~C.~



answers from New York on

Check online. Just google kids chore charts. There are tons and you can decide which fits your needs the best.

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