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Updated on April 29, 2009
K.S. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I have been doing some research and thinking about purchasing a Chariot Cougar carrier. I know they are spendy - but I really think with my kids the ages they are we will use it a ton for biking/running/walking. I'd love to hear from some other moms that have one and what they think of it. Thanks!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi K.-

I love the Chariot- I have both a single and a double and have used them for 5 yrs. I use the running, biking and ski attachments. It is great to use the same stroller for all. It is very well built, extremely safe for the kids and overall great product.

The only complaint I have is for serious runners it can be a pain to get the front wheel on just right - I say this but keep in mind I have run with the single for the past 5 yrs and then bought the double 2 yrs ago.

You could look to buy a used one, I hear they resell pretty quickly. I will probably sell my double this fall as my 5.5 yr. old is getting too big (50 lbs).

Have fun with it- it is great for MN!

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answers from Minneapolis on

We have a trek bike trailer. We love it! We take our bikes and trailer to the local lake and can spend the whole day there. Ours is a two seater, has mesh pockets on both sides so our little one can store her crayons, books, snacks and sippy all with in her reach. It has a mesh cover that can close and also a plastic "rain" cover(it can also be kept open for that convertable feel ha). it has breathable side vents and a huge rear storage (we like to pack a cooler and then stop along the trail and picnic or swim)This brand of trek was made at one time by the same company as the new Cougar Carrier, so they're very similar. We also live on a dirt country road so the tires are great for pushing as a stroller too!! we've had ours for 2 years and really love it=) hope this helps.



answers from Duluth on

I lOVE LOVE LOVE mine! I got it when my so was just born and my daughter was 2- and it saved my sanity by allowing us to get out for walks everyday!!! I have the infant sling and head support- the sling my son still uses- he is 10 months old. My daughter is 3- still loves to ride in it. Love all of the optional kits- fits easily in the car. We found ours on ebay for about half the cost- just a tip!



answers from Green Bay on

we love our cougar 2! we have the biking, skiing, and jogging attachment. they work fantastic. i would agree with another reviewer who said the jogging wheel is the most problematic. if you don't get it on just right, it tends to pull to one side or another. and it is quite heavy for jogging - but that just adds to the challenge. we do have a cheapy umbrella stroller that we use for around town/sidewalks. the cougar 2 is WIDE for going in stores, etc.

it tows really easily behind the bike and you hardly notice it while skiing. we love it!



answers from Minneapolis on

We have the Chariot two seater. I had an old old burley for son #1 (it would sit 2) but the sling seat was too uncomfortable and they'd slide into the middle. I like that this has a better harness for keeping then upright. I considered this and the Burley and Trek, but the folks at REI seems to really like this one and we had friends who liked it too. I like that you can go from one kid (in the center) to two kids (side by side). So I'll bike with the baby (now 10 mo) in the center and pick up his brother at preschool (now 4) and reattach the harness (click in and out) for two. I haven't used it this summer, but when they were 4 months and 3 they both seemed to like it. I didn't buy the sling b/c the baby was growing so fast (and it was the end of the season). I bought the bumpers but it was super crowded and he didn't really need it (shoulder harness kept him up when alone) so returned that. Now the baby doesn't need it b/c he's strong. I also love that I can cart the stroller wheels around. I thought it was silly and heavy, but last year I got a flat tire (at preschool). A friend took my bike home, and I just took off the bike attachment and put on the stroller wheels and walked the boys home. I didn't buy the jogger wheel b/c we have a jogging stroller and I wasn't sure I'd ever jog with both boys at the same time. REI does have sales periodically and if you're a member, you can use your rebate or member coupon.

Also, they can ride with their helmets, but frankly, I don't make my boys do it unless on busy streets (I aim to be on bike paths as much as possible). It's rather uncomfortable for them and it pitches them forward.



answers from Minneapolis on

This is by far my favorite stroller for our kids. Without this stroller, I wouldn't have been able to take my twin boys out last summer (they rode in the infant slings that I purchased separately). I got it for my DD, and she loves riding in it too. I love that it is enclosed with a screen. I also looked at the Burley and decided on the Chariot b/c I preferred the wheels on this one.

For trips to the mall, etc, I keep a separate stroller in my car, but I use this one outdoors all of the time.



answers from La Crosse on

I have this double bike trailer and love it. We bought it when my daughter (4 in July) was born and my son was just 18 months. We have the stroller accessories and also the baby sling. We still use it for my daughter when we go for long bike rides. She loves the bug net and I love the sun shade. My only complaint is that it doesn't have much storage.



answers from Minneapolis on

We really like our Chariot. We like how easy it is to convert it from jogger to bike trailer to cross-country ski trailer. The Chariot is very well designed and we have had it for 4 years without any problems

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