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Updated on January 02, 2011
M.D. asks from Naperville, IL
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I am due to give birth to our second child in February. Our first is going to be 2 1/2 and is still in diapers. I'm hoping to potty train soon but in the meantime I am considering buying a changing table for our first floor for both her and the baby. Does anyone know of a good sturdy one that would fit both? It doesn't need to be fancy or big. My other option is to change my toddler on the floor I guess. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

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answers from Chicago on

For the first floor, my Graco Pack and Play Pen has a changing table that sits over it. Still using that for my nearly 2 year old who is super long.

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answers from Bloomington on

We have one of those corner ones that has worked well for us so far. It is extremely sturdy although a taller child's legs will dangle over. I think the company is Badger.


answers from Chicago on

I use the top of a dresser with a pad on it... or the floor. After we barely used the changing table for our first, I didn't bother getting another one. They are "cute" but not really a necessity, if you ask me. :)


answers from Jacksonville on

By the time my kids were that size, well... my son was trained already.. but even at age one (1), they were too hefty to lug up onto a changing table (my daughter was well over 20 lbs at 12 months). I just put them on the floor most of the time. We had carpet, and I used a changing pad... if you have hard floors, you could just do it on a bed. Of course, once you start training your eldest, the changing table days are pretty much over for her anyway. Your oldest will be out of diapers before you know it and you might regret buying more baby furniture. But then, our house was only one floor.

As far as sturdiness, I didn't have a standard changing table anyway. We bought one of those dresser/changing tables that you snap the changing pad onto the top surface. That thing must have weighed 150 lbs! Kept the kids' clothes in it for years. I have seen people make their own by drilling/attaching something to the back of a standard dresser that they could just snap the changing pad onto. Mine was a "contoured" pad, and it was deep and thick and had straps that had snaps on the end to snap onto the back of the dresser.



answers from Wichita on

we just bought one at a garage sale, I dont know the brand but it worked out really well. If I were to do it again, I would try my local freecycle, because people are always giving away baby stuff they dont need anymore.

I'm not sure if that helps, but congrats on the new baby!



answers from Peoria on

IKEA has a great piece of furniture that is very sturdy and very versatile. It comes in different colors. And you'll have tons of storage for baskets (Target ones fit perfect) to store toys or things you want hidden away, or books, decor, etc. I'll the link but the photo doesn't do it really is a great price for the quality and can be comparable to a pottery barn stye. Many of my friends have them in their kid's bedrooms. I use mine in our family room for toy and book storage. Hope this helps:)'s the shows it standing tall but I use it on it's side.


answers from Rochester on

Someone gave us a changing table and I never really used it (it is nice in our closet right now for shelving) because I hate having to use one room and lift my kids and try to keep them from falling off. It is easier for me to use a mat on the floor, or just the floor. Most changing tables, though, are fine for those ages. You can also get a "portable" mat for around $15 or $20 that you could put on a dresser or other stable surface (bathroom counter if you have a long one) and you could put it on the floor if your toddler is getting too heavy and you still want a mat.



answers from Cleveland on

hmm, other than the corner ones, I think most are a standard size but could be wrong. Are you trying to fit both on it at the same time? I used the couch with a large changing pad for my first two, but with my back now, I needed a changing table. I actually borrowed one and bought another (one up, one down) from Craigslist for $40.Other alternatiaves to contain one of them close by would be to have the infant seat in the room, and later, could have a Bumbo in there, wheel the reclining high chair around, lol, or one of those johnnie jumpers.



answers from Kansas City on

We have a really nice changing table and I think I have used it maybe twice. I find it much easier just to change them on the floor.

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