Changing Station, for the Floor

Updated on December 07, 2009
I.I. asks from Littleton, CO
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Hello All,
I am currently sharing a bedroom with a 2-month old and since space is a little bit of an issue (we have enough room to fit a huge king sized bed and a huge convertable crib comfortably and nicely) we didn't buy a changing table. Right now I am just changing our baby on the floor on a small mat with his diaper changing 'supplies' in a small basket nearby. I am a VERY organized person and I like everything in its place so I am looking into putting together a little changing station on the floor by his crib to make it look a little more nice and tidy... lol!!! anyways, I already bought a Price Lionheart Table Top Diaper Depot to organize his 'supplies' and the Premium Wipes Warmer that sits nicely on top, now all I need is a nice changing pad. Does anyone have any recommendations??? I saw a coutured Serta Changing Pad (the one they put on dressers and stuff) do you think it will look (and work) okay on the floor??? Also, for mom's who have this kind of changing pad, how long can it be used??? until baby is 1 year old??? please share your input and please don't be afraid to share any other options.... thanx so much for your time!!!!!!

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answers from Boise on

I also just use the floor. We used the changing pad till we moved him to the floor at about 10 months. We were using a receiving blanket at first, but now just the floor. While the changing pad is nice, it isn't necessary, and could save you room to not have it.

The other option, since you do have a kind size bed, is to use a corner of that with a towel or receiving blanket. There are some waterproof receiving-type blankets, just in case.

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answers from Pocatello on

I bought a contoured one for my friend and she still uses it for her son and he is 2 1/2. He will be potty training soon and she is pregnant with her second baby, she is just leaving it set up for the next one.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I also had my changing station on the floor (and still do) but didn't buy a fancy changing pad. I used a towel if I really needed it. Otherwise, my baby just lays on the carpet and has never complained.



answers from Denver on

My daughter is 2 this week and we still use the changing pad. She's a little long for it, but I feel like it is softer/cleaner than just on the floor. She'll be starting potty training soon, but until then we'll probably keep using it...



answers from Houston on

i change my baby on the floor, i just dont have room for a station.

i keep my wipes and diapers in a nice wooden box that looks like an item of furniture, and i have to admit not using a change mat at all, i just use a towel - you can throw it in the wash and fold it up and put it in the wooden box with the other stuff.



answers from Denver on

The changing pad is a good idea - and much more comfy for the baby than a floor. I have used mine until my daughter was over 2 1/2 and potty trained. You can get the coordinating color covers too to match the colors in your other accessories.



answers from Denver on

I have three boys and have tried all types of "diaper changing stations". I used the contoured mat on top of a dresser for my oldest and it worked great. He was a squirmy little guys, so the curved sides helped me contain him. I think I used that same pad for my second son for a while, but used it on the floor on our main floor (so I didn't have to leave my still very busy older son unattended!). I did keep all of my diaper changing accessories in a decorative "box" as well. By the time my third son came along I decided that I didn't want that big pad taking up space in the living room so I used a towel-like bath mat that I could fold up and fit in the box with all of my other diaper changing stuff. As mentioned, this worked great because you can have a few and throw them in the washing machine regularly. As far as how long you can use the changing pad, I used it for the first two years with my first - until he was potty trained. Hope this helps!



answers from Provo on

I have a contoured changing pad, don't remember what brand, but I only used it until my son was 1 year old, but you could possibly use it longer, depending on how big your baby is.



answers from Denver on

Hi there,
We have two story house and I found it inconveinent to always go upstairs to change my little one. So I purchased a washable/leakproof pad that is for use in hospitals. It is about 3 ft by 3 ft. It is large enough to change the baby on our spare bed downstairs. It is also soft enough and thin enough that it can work as a matress pad on a toddler bed later on. I then just keep all the diapering supplies in the night stand next to the bed, out of sight.
My son is now almost two, and the pad has not worn out and has kept the bed from any misses! I've used this so much more than the changing table!



answers from Denver on

Hi I. - those contoured pads work great for doing diaper changes on the floor - or anywhere for that matter. The baby stores also sell these great washable terry cloth covers for the changing pads. I had several on hand and could circulate them in the wash. They come in a variety of colors as well.

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