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Updated on May 07, 2008
C.E. asks from Toms River, NJ
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Hi Everyone,
What is the consensus on switching to a glass bottle due to all of the hype in the news about the chemical in plastic bottles? Is this something we should be concerned with? I watched the interview on the Today Show and there seemed to be mixed views. I am confused!!! Has anyone switched, and if so what bottles are you using? Are you happy with them? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)

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answers from New York on

Hi! A great alternative to switching to glass would be the Born Free brand. These bottles and sippy cups were made BPA free! Hope this helps!

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answers from Albany on

I switched my son, born 1/25, to Born Free bottles from the Avent bottles, and he made the switch very easily. They are also better designed from a parent perspective (no leaking and easier to hold). I bought the plastic bottles b/c our daycare will not accept the glass bottles, and these are bpa-free. I also bought the sippy-cups ahead of time just to make sure they are in stock. I had to order everything online b/c our local stores were out of stock of all bpa-free products.



answers from New York on

Hi C.- We switched our son to the born free glass bottles. We were using the Dr. Browns and they definitely have BPA in them. In fact, they are now working on a glass Dr. Browns bottles because of the demand for them. The great thing is that you can use the "inserts" for the Dr. Browns and the nipples if you want on the Born free glass bottles.We also switched from Gerber plastic containers to the beechnut glass jars. We read up on the plastic that they use in Gerber and they can't guarantee that they don't use bpa in their plastics and they also place the food in the plastic jars when the food is still hot...which then leeches the chemicals in to the food. A great website to check out is

good luck!

Jen L



answers from New York on

Hi C., I just posted some of this in response to another question about nipples, but will share what I found with you...

I have been nursing/pumping milk for my 10 week old daughter and started using Avent bottles because I liked that they had a newborn nipple intended for nursing babies (AND I thought they were BPA free). After I started using them, I learned that they are NOT BPA free as I had thought. I have done lots of searches and found two sites that were very useful in helping me make a choice on a new bottle:
The Soft Landing also has an online shop that sells BPA free products – bottles, sippy cups and teethers, among other things.

Also, note that latex nipples should be avoided because they also contain a toxin (the name of it escapes me) and exposing infants to latex early in life could create a latex allergy...Nipples made of medical grade silicone are BPA free.

I switched my bottles to Green to Grow – they have regular bottle neck and wide neck options, and they’re compatible with different nipples. The Soft Landing site did a comparison of the new BPA free brands and their wide neck nipples and found that they are pretty much interchangeable.
I ended up choosing the regular bottle neck b/c it's compatible with the Medela pumps. I'm still trying to find the perfect nipple - the Green to Grow nipples have a really fast flow. The Avent stage 1 nipples had the perfect flow, but their nipples don't fit the wide neck Green to Grows.

The plastic BPA bottles are a little bit more expensive than some of the glass bottles, but I am a major klutz and didn't want to take the chance of breaking the bottles. There is a new bottle called Silikids that is an Evenflo bottle covered in a silicone sleeve. I had already selected Green to Grow by the time I found this option.

Also, The Soft Landing online shop has a BPA free sample pack of bottles if you want to try out all the new options...

I hope you find what you're looking for!

:) Karissa



answers from Buffalo on

Hi, C..

We are on Baby #4 so imagine my surprise and delight when all of this BPA scare came about! I mean, c'mon - I bottlefed 3 other babies with some horribly toxic chemical? UGH!

Lovely #4 was only born in January so she's still using bottles and I'll tell you what worked for us. I went to Babies R Us and found the Evenflo Classic Bottles (there are 4 oz. and 8/9 oz. available) that specifically say NO BPA right on the labels. They are the tinted nursers and I'm not sure whether they carry clear but anyway, the 4 oz. were $2.99 for a 3 pack. They did not carry the larger bottles but I went to a BRU inside a TRU so a bigger store would probably carry the larger size bottles.

That's what we did. I really didn't think that spending umpteen dollars per bottle would make me feel any better!

I get most of my information about BPA and what's safe and what's not from The Soft Landing ( and also SAFEMAMA.COM. Please remember, though, that some people are more alarmist than is necessary!

Good luck to you and I'm curious as to what you decide!

J., mom to Lincoln, Christian, Elyse and Elena.

Crazy, isn't it?



answers from New York on

I have always use the playtex drop in bottles. They don't contain BPA and the liners are recyclable.



answers from New York on

I bought the born free bottles but I have a ton of AVENT bottles so I am still using them when I have to, just not washing in dishwasher, since the heat seems to be what activates.



answers from New York on

Dr. Browns and Born Free bottles are BPA free. Which is the harmful chemical in plastic. I just don't trust glass bottles b/c if they drop they break!



answers from Albany on

Only the cloudy plastic Dr Brown bottles are BPA safe.

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