Change in Stool Consistency and Frequency for Breastfed Baby

Updated on November 10, 2009
M.P. asks from Secaucus, NJ
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My breastfed baby is now four 1/2 months old. He gets about 2-3 oz of formula on days that I work (about 4 times a week). I also haven't had any major changes in my diet. During the past week and 1/2, instead of having runny/seedy poop 3-4 times a day he had just one BIG poop every other day. It is thick in consistency, smells awful and just really different from what I am used to. His runny/seedy stools don't smell at all. Is this normal change for breastfed babies? I don't think it is formula because I have been giving him formula since he was 2 1/2 months. Others say that as long as it is not hard like pellets then it should be OK.

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The same thing happened with my son, who I nursed for 11 months. I think it is more of a change in their bodies and how they digest. I wouldn't be concerned. My doctor told me that it was totally normal also. And as you said as long as they don't become constipated, then they are just fine.



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it's formula poop and intestinal changes as baby matures


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I went through the exact same thing with my now 7 month old daughter, who was also breastfed, mixed in with a little formula. My baby's poop changed about 4 times drastically throughout the first 5 months or so. Drastically changed (color, frequency, consistency). Without warning. It's all very strange. But now it's been the same since about 5 months or so. During one of these transitions, she didn't go for like 4 days; the doctor said not to do anything until Day 5 so we let her work it out. Apparently this is all extremely normal and occurs naturally. It should remain the same soon, as his digestive systems gets itself together!



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Check with your pediatrician if you're truly concerned, but likely it is the formula you are feeding him. If he were strictly breastfed, stool would not smell so bad. My own son's were a breeze to change until he had a little rice when he was 6 months. It took a couple of DAYS to get it out of his system (we didn't force it on him so it actually had a chance to get out). it came back when he started getting solids at 8.5 months, but each time every couple of weeks I gave him something new to try, it reflected in his diaper. ICK. but that's life.

Good luck,



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Friends are pellets and it should be fine. I love nursing poop because the smell is So minimal, if any. Formula poop smelss disgusting and harsh. He is getting older and maybe just processing his formula differently (ie one big poop every othere day). I wouldn't worry unless he seems in to be uncomfortable.

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