Chamomile Tea, When and How Much?

Updated on March 06, 2011
J.A. asks from Lebanon, TN
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recently my 7 week old had horrible tummy trouble and chamomile tea was suggested. anyone tried it? i think it would have to be better than always giving gripe water and or gas drops.

switching her to cold bottle is what helped weird, but it worked! and saves so much time.

i read the tea is not i was thinking of giving it at her 2 wake ups during the night. she doesnt eat but about an ounce or 2 then anyways.


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answers from Dallas on

I can't answer that specifically, but have you tried probiotics? They work wonders on my son!!

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answers from Honolulu on

In Europe, they commonly use Chamomile, tea or homeopathic tabs, for kids and adults.

It is fine.

Just go to your natural food store or Whole Foods. They have it.

For a baby, I would not use the 'tea'... but use the Homeopathic tabs. It is REAL tiny and easily dissolves in the mouth.
My friend, a European, commonly used this with her kids.
My Husband, grew up with it too. He being European.

Chamomile tea, does not have caffeine in it.

Chamomile, is also used at night, for sleep and calmness.

If your baby has tummy trouble. It can also be gas problems. Which is common in infants.
For gas, use Mylicon Infant Gas drops. Found at any drugstore, baby aisle.

all the best,

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answers from Spokane on

I have not tried it, nor would I. Gripe water and gas drops are approved for the use in infants and recommended by doctors. I've never heard of giving such a young baby tea. To my knowledge, babies are ONLY supposed to have breastmilk or formula.

Perhaps it's the brand of formula that's upsetting her tummy, or not burping properly/enough after a feed. I know that was the case with my first baby - unless she had a *good* burp, we all paid for it a few hours later.

Please check with your doctor before giving your baby tea.

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answers from Washington DC on

I always keep Chamomile tea on hand, as well as Peppermint and Fennel tea for stomach issues. For gass and cramps Fennel tea is best. For upset stomachs Peppermint and Chamomile. I also make Rosehips tea daily, it is a great sugar free thurst quencher and has tons of Vitamine C.



answers from Minneapolis on

Our homeopath said that in order for it to work properly you want to make sure you brew it correctly to collect the oil from the tea. We use organic Chamomile tea, brew one bag in a cup of water, and place a saucer over the top of the cup to make sure the oils are collected into the cup. When my son was little I used to let it cool then feed it to him through a medicing dropper. You could also make popsicles out of it. I was told you only need to give them a few tablespoons for it to work.


answers from Las Vegas on

I have for my 2 year old to get her to go to sleep, it calms you down. I bought tea bags and just followed the directions and gave her a sippy cup full, but I would've talked to her ped if she was 7 wks old. I feel iffy about giving her anything unless it's infant approved for that age or if I get an ok on a certain amount by a pediatrician.

The tea, to me, is realllly good. I put honey in it to sweeten it (but do NOT do that, cuz honey can cause something in babys under 1) but it actually doesn't really have a specific taste (to me) but with sweetener (a bit of sugar or something) it tastes kind of like sweet tea.



answers from Memphis on

I would definitely look into the possibility of food allergies. If she is drinking formula, you may want to try some without dairy, gluten or soy in it. If you are nursing, you might want to try eliminating those from your diet as well. Try eliminating one at a time for a few weeks to see if there's an improvement. Also look for skin problems as that will also show the possibility of food allergies. Don't ever let a dr tell you all babies have eczema. If there is eczema, there is usually a food or environmental cause. I breastfed my son for a year and he had lots of skin problems and bowel problems which were diagnosed as food allergies when he was 27 months.



answers from Houston on

Yes, chamomile tea can work, it depend on the kid. Anyway, buy organic tea, and don't give her more than an ounce once a day at the beginning. It worked for my baby (boy), but he didn't like the taste too much.
I feel your pain though. My baby is now 9 months old and he is doing great, but when he was your daughter age he had colic, acid reflux and gas. We've changed bottles, formulas, 'till I found (on this site) the cure for everything: it's called "colic calm" and you can order it online. It is expensive, but it's all worth it. Start with a very low doze, a little less than they suggest. I think every mom should be informed about this product. The good news: it all be over when she starts sitting up. Hang in there!



answers from New York on

Both my boys have been drinking it since birth, it has been used throughout Europe for many many years to deal with colic, stomach aches and sleep issues.

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