Chalazion--ever Had One and If So How Long Did It Last?

Updated on May 04, 2013
M.H. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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Today my 13-year-old son's pediatrician diagnosed him with a "chalazion," a persistent and particular kind of sty in his eye. I had never heard of it before. The doctor said they can last for months and an opthalmologist wouldn't even see him until he had one for at least two months. (The procedure he described to us that the opthalmologist would try did not sound pleasant and my son isn't in any rush to see a specialist anyhow after hearing that.) The chalazion is annoying, a little painful and kids keep asking him what's wrong with his eye. Have you or your kids ever had one and if so how long did it last?

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So What Happened?

Yes, we are doing hot compresses, or at least as much as we can we he's not in school. It did drain partially yesterday and a little more today so I'm hoping it's resolving on its own. It's been more than a month long saga with this eye and has involved multiple trips to the doctor. It started with a stubborn case of pink eye that required two weeks of a broad spectrum eye drop because it didn't respond to the usual drops. Then he developed an ordinary sty that drained. All was well for about a week. Then two weeks ago he developed this new lump which became inflammed a couple of days ago and was diagnosed as a chalazion yesterday. Our pediatrician said yesterday the next step is the opthalmologist if this doesn't resolve on its own.

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Basically that is an eye pimple ... and some do in fact last for a long period of time. I had one last year inside my upper lid.. I used a warm compress several times a time and eventually as gross as it sounds, the "yuck" in it oozed out..... It lasted for a couple of weeks..

the hot compress really made it feel better and did get it to drain.. I am surprised if the doctor didn't tell you to do that... BTW, not true what the Pediatrician told you............ it was my eye doctor who told me about the hot compress.. Also, IF you want.. the eye doc will give you meds for it..

Definitely take your son to the eye doc... those Chalazion are SUPER common..

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Chalazions have hardened beyond the point of draining or healing in many cases. I've had two. Both fairly large creating bumps the size of peas on upper eyelids. The hot compresses did NOTHING and both times I had to get them cut out. For one of them I had to wait a couple of months for work health insurance to kick in, and when it did , it didn't cover it anyway :( The procedure is not "pleasant", but it's instant and awesome relief, and better than waiting months and possibly seeing no decline if the chalazion is big. From what I hear they rarely go away on their own unless they are very small (just slight swelling or something) even though people always recommend waiting and trying hot compresses. If a large and very distracting one popped up on one of my kids, I'd give it like a week with the compresses and if no change happened I'd make an appointment.
For hot compresses I used a curling iron wrapped in towel or hot hot wet washrags. Again, they did no good at all.

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Yes, my daughter had one last year on her upper eyelid, about the size of an M&M. We did hot compresses three times a day for about 10 minutes a session... and it faded over about 3-4 weeks. Our doctor referred her to an eye doctor immediately. The eye doctor had us try the hot compresses for a month and then we would talk about next steps. Fortunately the warm compresses worked great, we haven't had any recurrences either.

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Several in my family get them regularly. My brother had the procedure done and it was NOT pleasant. In fact, they still come back and he just waits them out. I think if it got rid of them permenantly it would be a different story. Don't put him through it. They don't hurt anything and they do go away...
Hope that helps!

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Our son's developed during the fall football season. We think it might have been related to his severe allergies. After having no success with hot compresses, we finally saw the opthalmologist. He recommended surgery to get rid of it. Because he was only 11, they put him under for it. Basically as soon as they put them out, the surgery is over. The longest part of our day was waiting for the anestheia to wear off so we could go home. It is quick and relatively painless. His surgery was over a year and a half ago and it hasn't reoccurred.

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I vaguely remember having a sty on my eye when I was little. I don't remember seeing a doctor, but I remember that my mother put warm compresses on it. I don't recall how long I had it - Sorry not much help

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