Cetaphil for Acne...still Struggling!

Updated on November 21, 2010
K.K. asks from Fredericksburg, VA
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Hi everyone,

I'm 26 and I'm still struggling with acne. I was using the Proactiv line for awhile and at first it seemed to work; but then it just seemed my skin got to use to it. I decided to switch to Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I haven't had much luck yet. Anyone out there have any suggestions or reviews on Cetaphil?

I live a pretty healthy life style. I teach dance and eat properly. I just don't get it....I would think by now, my skin would be acne-free at my age.

Thank you!

I wanted to let everyone know who replied; I went to the dermatologist back in 2003 for my acne, of course he put me on medication and gave prescription for a gel (I think it was Differin) and other items. It seemed to work but the medication was awful. I could hardly eat and I was always sick from it. I thought Proactiv was my answer until it stopped working this year. I don't want to go back to the doctor and have to be put on medication and all. I went to Kohl's today because I read some reviews on the Good Skin line they have, come to find out now they are not selling the acne products there anymore. It's so frustrating! LOL. I take care of myself, drink lots of water, clean sheets/pillowcases (as one lady mentioned), and do everything possible. I guess I just need something stronger.

I am going to try to see if I can find the Phisoderm Anti-Blemish Gel Facial Wash. I really appreciate everyone's advice and care! :) Please feel free to comment more if you have any suggestions. It's much needed!

Thank you!

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answers from Washington DC on

I can't really comment on Cetaphil, I can only tell you what I've seen work for others - Zap It! products. Good luck!



answers from Richmond on

We tried many things for my daughter's acne: proactive(very drying and harsh), a dermatologit put her on an antifungal and she had side effects. She didn't try Cetaphil. But many people told me the only thing that worked for them was going on the birth control pill. I hesitated, because I didn't want her to think this was permission to have sex at her young age, but when we asked her pediatrician she gave her a prescription without question. It works beautifully. Her skin is the best it has looked in years.

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answers from Orlando on

I totally understand your feelings! I've had acne every since high school and am now 33. I think that we often think it will go away after adolescence but sadly for many adults it doesn't. I have used Cetaphil for the past 5 years and love it. I also use benzoyl peroxide. I tried lots of things and finally found a regimen that worked for me. Check out www.acne.org which outlines the steps. After following this for about a month, my acne was totally cleared up and has stayed that way every since. A few times I've tried stopping it and the acne always comes back. Hope you are able to find something that works for you!

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answers from New York on

Have you tried Dr. Murad? when I was pregnant my skin was really bad. I tried Proactiv, but it wasn't much help. Dr. Murad is great. My son is 3 and i still use it. They sell a whole system like Proactiv too. You can get it at Sephora or online. Maybe other places too, but that's where I get it.

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answers from Dover on

A new route for you to try (without medications which are quite helpful).... a wash with salycylic acid (phisoderm gel with 2% sal acid) (helps turn over old dead skin and keep pores from clogging up) and Clarisonic brush. The brush will truly exfoliate your skin safely and again, maintain turnover of your skin....completely worth the price.

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answers from Abilene on

I am 28 and still have acne as well. I've found that the fewer hair products I use, the less breakouts I get. (I rarely use even conditioner.) Also, try changing your pillow case every night before you go to bed and don't use fabric softeners.



answers from Chicago on

I did not read all your other posts, so sorry if this is repeated.

I'm now 36 & still have "flare-ups". It is so frustrating, so...

I went to the dermatologist. I've also seen my family doctor & had prescriptions filled. They gave me an rx that will clear up acne quickly, but you can't be on it for long, I never took it more than a few weeks . I also got an rx for a cream to tab on problems zits. They clear up by morning.

Going to the doc was the best thing I ever did.

I use a basic OTC face cleanser from Aveeno.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Go to a medical spa and get a free evaluation. They can put you on a good regimen that can really help-plus fill you in on alternatives that can help. When my sister was your age she struggled like crazy with it. She even tried accutane and it didn't help. She did the laser treatment at the medspa and it totally worked! It may be pricey but IMO seriously worth it.



answers from Washington DC on

I tried several Proactive like products and they didn't really help much. When I went to the dermatologist, she recommended an over the counter gentle cleanser (I think it was oil of olay or some other common brand--i'd have to check in the shower) and if my skin gets dry then oil of olay gentle moisturizer. She also gave me a prescription for cream to use for break outs that has worked well.



answers from Washington DC on

Hi Katie,

At 29 I began breaking out again alon my neck and jawline. I tried all the stuff I used as a teen including Proactiv with only minimal results this time. I've since learned that this round of "adult" acne is different and very difficult to battle because it is hormonal. Now 32 I've finally seeked help from a doctor. If your acne is like mine and is what they call nodular - the huge, hard lumps under the skin that are so painful, only medication is going to help with round. I'm on round two right now of antibiotics and retinol a treatment. Oh, and I use Cetaphil as my base, gentle cleanser which was recommended by both my derma doc and my sister's.

If you have adult acne go find a good dermatologist! Don't wait like I did because once you start having babies they can't help you until you are done breastfeeding.

Best of luck!



answers from Cumberland on

My one son had luck with Neutrogena Skin ID-but you may need to go on an antibiotic as well as use topical treatment-if you still have acne at your age-the problem is most likely on the inside-and you will need to see a dermatologist. As far as Cetaphil is concerned-it is very good-it gently cleanses the skin without stripping it and stimulating the production of more oil. The best I have ever used is a cleanser in a blue bottle from IS Clinical (Innovative Skincare).



answers from Allentown on

HI K.,
I am 33 and struggle with acne from time to time. I also used Proactiv in the past. I have found that the following things work for me: I use natural hair care products- I noticed that when I have short hair, i have more breakouts- this is because my hair is constantly on my face. I use Zap-It, and acne line that utilizes tea tree oil for healing and prevention. I use this every other day. I also use safer, natural derived cleansers on my face on the days I don't use the acne treatment. And finally I use Sei Bella mineral makeup- this way I am not coating my face with makeup, which then causes it to break out. and starting an endless cycle that I was caught in for so long! Hope this helps you and feel free to contact me if you need more info!



answers from Saginaw on

GLIMPSE has cleared up adult acne for many people.
Take a look at www.ktlosee.mymangosteen.com
It's Skin Nutrition at its best with no toxins at all.



answers from Washington DC on

Hi K.,

Acne lives on forever...lol I am 38 and once a month, I get an attack.

Not to get too personal, but are you on any type of birth control with hormones, ie, the pill? Hormones run the body, and can be the cause of the acne.

Keep eating well, and keep drinking lots of water. One more suggestion - cut sugar completely out. Sugars are rough on the body and are known to cause many health problems.

Don't over wash your face. It could be producing more oil because it is getting dried out from washing. Try moisturizers with acne meds in them.

Good luck, and hang in there - acne is a life long frienemy!



answers from Washington DC on

Hon, I'm 54 and every now and then I get a blemish or two. If yours is really bad, go to a dermatologist. They can help you so much.



answers from Washington DC on

I still have trouble with acne on a monthly basis... I use Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel and I really like the way it dries each blemish up so quickly. If you're interested... less than $10... check out my website:




answers from Spokane on

I've never used Cetaphil. BUT I'm 29 and still struggle with acne as well. I think some people are just programmed that way :( I used Proactive and found it just dried my skin out. One thing that did work for me was using a mild cleanser for acne skin (St. Ives), but only every other day. The other days I'd just rinse with water. It seemed less irritating to my skin and helped quite a bit. Of course, this might not work if you wear make-up (foundation, etc).



answers from Washington DC on

Have you ever noticed if there is an outbreak after you've eaten anything in particular? How about around your cycles? If there are hormone or underlying allergy conditions causing the outbreak, using a different cleanser might not offer much help. You probably would benefit from seeing a dermatologist who can use something stronger to at least get it under control. There are home remedies for spot outbreaks, but if it's severe acne, you probably should see a specialist instead of trying to self-treat it. A friend who suffered with horrible acne as a teen saw one as a young adult and her skin is now beautiful. I experienced outbreaks much later in life. Cleansing the bumps with vinegar on cotton balls has helped with the few bumps that pop up from time to time. I do that at night and the next morning, usually it's gone. I also wash face using Dove, which was recommended for my problems with eczema. But, again, before self-treating make sure it's indeed acne, no eczema or some other skin condition and get medical help to get it under control. Some people do better without using any products on face, cleansing with water, until there's some relief. Also, substituting sugar with maple syrup, drinking only organic juices or making your own juices, lots of veggies, and less dairy and meat seemed to clear up my skin quite a bit. I don't always make time to follow that schedule but when I detox, I have fewer allergies and skin outbreaks. Evaluate your water intake. You exercise and eat a balanced diet, but there could be something in your breads and sauces, like corn syrup and fructose, that might be making it harder to heal from the acne. Again, a good specialist can help determine the cause and the best course of treatment. I would ask folks who have had acne and were cured the names of some good dermatologists in your area. Consider it an investment in your healthcare.

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