Cervical Cerclage And/or Progestrone Shots

Updated on January 11, 2010
M.M. asks from Kokomo, IN
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I am 16 weeks pregnant. My doctor would like to do a cervical cerclage and from everything I read on line I do not like the sounds of it (side effects)! He plans on me doing the Progestrone shots all so later on. My husband and I feel that our daughter may have been born early but God was with us all the way through it! We feel that the Shots would be enough, the doctor is not sure if I actually have a weak cervics. Please give me some feedback on your thoughts.

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So What Happened?

Thank you to everyone for your input! We have decided to go ahead with the cerclage, this will be done next week! Then in a couple weeks I will start the Shots! Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts, We are still very nervous about it but we know that God is on our side!

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We had to go through progesterone shots and a bunch of other stuff with both of our pregnancies too.

While the progesterone shots will help, the cerclage is an extra safety measure. Yes, God will help along the way too. Consider this: Without the cerclage, your baby may decide to come out sooner than she's ready...would you rather she stay "in the oven" a little longer and be able to go home with you when you're ready to go home or have to stay in intensive care and have it be a while before she comes home? The longer she stays in, the better it is for her.

I would do it..."better safe than sorry".



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I had both the shots and the cerclage for my second pregnancy. I was able to carry my daughter to 38 weeks. My son only just made it to 35 weeks without the cerclage. We were blessed that he was okay, but we did not want to risk it with our daughter. The shots hurt because the progesterone is so viscous, but it stopped me contracting so much. Well worth it I think.



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Hi M. I do not know anything about the cervical cerlage but do the progestrone shots. This has been several years ago but I know the progestrone shots do work and if they do them the same now as they did then they do not hurt. I had to have 17 shots with our son to help me carry him and he is a healthy young man. The pain in delivery was no worse than for our daughter and second son. The shots were very much worth whatever discomfort I may have had at the time. Good Luck and God Bless.



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I had both and there are no side effects with the cerclage. In fact i was on my feet and back to work in 3 days. i went in at 15 weeks and my doctor could put his pinky in and lets face why not do a little preventive care now instead of intensive care later. The shots are not bad either I had one every week for the whole pregnancy and I was 41 and high-risk. I have a healthy beautiful son, he is 5 now, top reader and writer of his kindergarten class plays piano and loves t-ball. So no effects on him or me. You should re-consider I think if the doctor says you should get it you should I don't think they do these routine. If you have anymore questions email me I'll be gald to answer them!




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My sister and I were both told we had a weak and incompetent cervex. Both of my boys were born at full term although if my second one had been in the correct position and not transversely breech he would have been born at 32 weeks.

My sister had her daughter at 32 weeks. She had problems early on in the pregnacy. She had a number of blood vessels and a vein on her cervex rupture that required surgery to stop the bleeding. I often wonder why her ob did not do a cerclage or even offer it as an option due to her medical issues. She had some questions about the early delivery and the problems her daughter suffered as a result and ultimately contacted a malpratice attorney. But she was told that she would have had a better shot bringing the baby to term if she had had the cerclage.

It's ultimately your choice but the progestone shots are not natures way and not without risk either.

By the way my mother in law lost three babies due to an incompetent cervex. The only way she could carry a child to term was to have a cerclage. So good luck.

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