Updated on August 05, 2009
L.D. asks from Haslet, TX
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I am currently in the hospital and I started a dosage of Petocin to start things along this morning. Well now that it is the evening, the Petocin has been cut off and we will be attempting Cervadil instead. I am curious if anyone out there has used Cervadil? If so, how long did it take for the baby to be born afterwards? Were there any complications? Are the contractions any different (or more intense) than say a "normal" pregnancy like I had with my first son? Any info is greatly appreciated. Hoping to be holding my beautiful son very soon!

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answers from Dallas on

I am guessing the Petocin didn't work? Cervadil will put you in labor if your body is ready. Good luck! It worked quickly with one of my pregnancies (1 hour or 2) and didn't work at all in another pregnancy. Keep us posted.

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answers from Lubbock on

You are very lucky... I hav had multiple miscarriages. I do however have a 4 year old that I almost lost and almost took me out comming in. Any medication that you take can be harmful if they are certain categoreys. But you must way risks to benefits and realize that very few actually experience the side effects.




answers from Dallas on

Cervadil worked for me. Was given Cervadil early evening and my water broke around 2AM. Delivered baby girl at 12:49PM. Good luck, hope it works for you.


answers from Dallas on

You're in the hospital right now?!?! OMG! Yayyy!! I was given cervadil the night before I was given the pitocin. I went into the hospital the evening before (10:00pm) and given the cervadil and then began the pitocin around 7am. I had our first, and only so far, daughter at 7:42pm. Worked like a charm and as "planned!" If there even really is or was a "plan." haha No complications, nothing out of the norm, nothing. It was perfect. I wasn't someone that wanted to try to do it naturally so once I was uncomfortable and able to have an epidural, I decided right then and there to get it asap. I didn't feel a thing and it was easy breezy, other than being sooo tired. Just don't tell my husband that. haha

Good luck and congrats on your new addition!!

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