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Updated on January 05, 2009
K.O. asks from Roseville, MI
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I am hoping that someone out there can lend me a little advice. I am currently in the mortgage business and have been thinking about changing feilds for some time now. After a a lot of research I am trying to get into pharmaceutical sales. I know I can sell I just don't have the experience. SO I found a few website that send you books (for $300)... then you take their test and get a certificate for the feild.
If this is a scam? It seems like a good idea.. Other than this certification I don't know how to get my foot in the door.
Compared to the mortgage industry, pharmaceutical sales just seems much more stable. Maybe I'm wrong...

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answers from Detroit on

I honestly couldn't tell you if it was a scam or not. However, when I was in the dr's waiting room one day I asked the girl that was there for pharmaceutical sales how you get into that field. I swear she said a 4 year degree. I don't remember what type of degree...but I would look into it a bit more before you jump. And yes I would think it's a much more stable career.



answers from Detroit on

I had a friend who went to MIT for a pharmacy assistant and I think they helped with job placement too. Maybe that would work? Good luck, A. H



answers from Detroit on

I have a lot of friends that do pharm sales. All of them have a four year degree...in varying fields. I'm not sure that a major company will hire you w/o a 4 year college degree.



answers from Grand Rapids on

Pharmaceutical sales requires a four-year degree, such as a bachelor's in science (B.S.). My brother-in-law is in pharmaceutical sales and has a B.S. in molecular biology. I did a quick Hot Jobs search on Yahoo and all of the pharmaceutical sales positions required a four-year degree. One thing to remember is that pharmaceutical sales usually requires quite a bit of travel also. I would say it sounds like a scam. Maybe you could look into GRCC's certification classes, they have a computer one, which is a great field to get into!

Good luck, I hope you can find something that you enjoy!



answers from Detroit on

Do not pay $300 for books to get a certificate. A hiring manager would never ask for one, nor would they be impressed by one. You must have a bachelors degree at minimum. The pharmaceutical industry is facing some challenging times right now also. There have been many massive lay offs across the industry. If you currently have your degree, I would network with any reps you may know (an inside referral is the best way to go). Also, practice your STAR format interview questions and responses. The interview process can be pretty grueling, typically involving three or more interviews. Good luck.

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