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Updated on February 17, 2011
K.M. asks from Newburgh, NY
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Can you please share your cell phone plans (company, price, and plan)? I have been with Verizon for 6 years and think I"m getting completely ripped off! HELP!

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answers from Kansas City on

After 10 yrs, I left Verizon about 6 months ago to save money and have been unhappy with AT&T's service. If you choose AT&T, please read the fine print!!! There are so many hidden charges that I have yet to see any savings. Sad to say; Verizon is the BEST service I ever had and I'm ready to go back.

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answers from Kansas City on

when I researched all plans here is what I found in pricing.

T-mobile is the cheapest overall for family plans but doesn't have as good of coverage as some of the others but for us seems to work out well. We have 4 phones on 700 minute plan with a basic plan of no texting or data. Free t-mobile to t-mobile which is what most of our minutes are because most of the kids friends have t-mobile as well. All 4 phones on the family plan including all the fees and taxes are 102.00 a month. You can add texting for 20.00 a month for all phones on your plan. I think data cost around 30.00 per phone but can't remember when I checked on that last. They have excellent customer service. We have had t-mobile for 9 years and have been very pleased with them. The phones seem to last longer too.

Verizon was the next cheapest and has more coverage throughout the country. My dad is a truck driver and uses verizon and seems very pleased with it. He used sprint for many years before he switched which also has good coverage. His main reason for switching was the sprint phones didn't last much over a year.

Sprint probably has the best plan if you talk a lot and use the internet data a lot. They have a plan that has free minutes to any cell phone regardless what company they are on. The downsides of sprint is the customer service is the worst I have ever seen and their phones don't last and usually have to buy a new one every year.

Go online to each of their websites and click on plans and design your own plan according to what you use and compare prices. Watch the fees on some of those data plans. Some of them make you have data on all your phone lines on your plan which can be very expensive especially if you only need it on 1 or 2 phones. Sometimes it's cheaper to have 1 single phone plan with all the data, texting, and everything you want on it for the person that would use all of that and have a family plan for the rest of the family with calling and texting only. It all depends on what you want on what prices it cost. Just make sure if you have texting you get the unlimited texting plans especially if you have kids on it. They can rack up 1000's of texts in a few hours.

We have 1 phone with texting and data which is considered the family phone so when the kids want to text their friends they use that phone. We don't have a house phone anymore so that phone is our main house phone.

I don't want my teens even thinking about the temptation of texting and driving so we have the basic t-mobile family plan without texting and those are the main phones they carry with them all the time. It works out well for us to call them whenever we need to but don't have to worry about them texting and driving or texting all the time when it's inappropriate. I get tired of going everywhere and seeing people texting. A lot of young adults can't even work their jobs without texting. Really? how inappropriate. I have told several working teens and adults when I catch them that if I was their manager I would fire them on the spot/no questions asked if they even had their phones out on my time whether it be a quick 10 sec text or a phone call. You can check your phones on your break but not on work time.



answers from Boca Raton on

I have Page Plus Cellular. They run off the Verizon network so you can use any Verizon phone with them and you get the same coverage as Verizon. I have the Motorola Droid 2 and I have 1200 any time minutes 1200 text and 50mb of data. I pay $29.95 a month even, no tax or fees.



answers from Kansas City on

I have T-Mobile. I have been with them for 10 years! As badly as I want an iPhone, I won't leave T-Mobile because they have such incredible customer service. Also, they have great coverage...I have used them in Europe, Hawaii, Caribbean & Mexico. When we were on our adoption trip and I was running out of minutes, I called them and they happily gave me like 100 extra minutes to get me through, and for FREE! Now you see why I'm so commited to them.

I know you're concerned about plan costs, and I have never found them to be excessive. I am a low-end user, meaning I only talk about 150 min/month and I don't text (call me if you want to talk with me!), so I don't get into data plans. I know they have an unlimited talk/data plan for around $80/month. Just go to their web site and you'll get all their offers, or just call them. I really love this company and plan to stick with them, even without my iPhone!


answers from Los Angeles on

1400 shared minutes
Unlimited text
Before that I had Metro
Unlimited talk/text/web 45/mo
Downfall....you don't get a signal in a lot of places...(Like when I went out of state, or even other parts of my state).


answers from Chicago on

I have Sprint's Everything Data Plan for $69. There's no extra charge for unlimited text, web, gps, any mobile any time, free minutes after 7pm, free wkends, a ton of free apps.



answers from Topeka on

I'm with Verizon I have an old plan that isn't offered anymore it doesn't give me free roaming or free Verizon to Verizon calls
400 anytime minuets
Unlimited night/weekend $34.99
250 texts $5.00
Don't have a data phone/blocked my IM/e-mail so for no charges can occur there
I do want to stay with Verizon their coverage is great I have been with them for 9 yrs.Now if they had a plan like Sprint that would be great i'm still looking into Sprint the Simply Everything Plan 400 landline minuets, all cell calls are free unlimited text web email (data)
For the plan i'm looking with Verizon
450 minuets Nation Wide plan with unlimited texting 59.99
Free long distance,roaming,unlimited night/weekends
Unlimited data 39.99



answers from Kansas City on

Definitely Sprint. By the way, remember coverage these days is not a big issue - all cell companies have agreements with each other so you pretty much have the same coverage everywhere. Sprint has the best value for your money in the industry. I have been with them for about 10 years and have seen the great customer service improvements (they used to have a bad reputation on Cust Service, but this was years ago - now they really rock! They have even evaluated my plan every year to make sure I was on the right plan - this way I dont pay too much or pa overages - I really like that about them. And to top it of, you would be supporting a local company and making sure they dont go out of business and we lose all those jobs.



answers from Atlanta on

HI K.,

I've been with Verizon for almost ten years and everytime I get fed up and start shopping Verizon shows me where I can save money. The other plans either are more expensive, don't give me what I need or don't have the coverage. We have five on our plan with 1400 minutes, 10 free friends and family, unlimited text and unlimited internet....it's $230.00 a month. I justify it because my husband and my sister both run their business from their phones.

My niece, who is a household of one, has unlimited phone and text from a Walmart prepay phone that uses Verizon towers. She pays $50. If I was a household of one I would be there!



answers from Tulsa on

AT&T - 400 anytime minutes (with rollover), 5000 night and weekend minutes, free mobile to mobile, 200 texts a month, all for 38.82 a month after a 15% corporate discount from my company. I don't have a smart phone, so no need for the data plan and only one phone on my contract. I've been with them since 2002 when they were Cingular and have been happy with them 99% of the time.



answers from Jackson on

we have 5 on our family plan. We have Sprint. I have periodically looked at other providers. Here in MI, the best provider is Sprint. We have 1500 minutes, unlimited text and internet. The best part is ALL cell phone calls are free! No one else has that. We divide the bill and everyone pays $50 a month. The bill is $250. That is the same as the no contract phones except we have better coverage. No One else even comes close!



answers from Cleveland on

we are with verizon and we have 700mins between me and my bf and unlimited data (email,web,and text) for around 130/month after tax

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